DVD Recorder for under £100

  CMC 42 21:31 21 Dec 2005

What is the best firm / DVD recorder for under £100?

There's a Daewoo one in Somerfields for £80 that I quite like the sound of, but what does everyone think of click here ? I've never heard of Sumivision what are they like?


  Totally-braindead 21:37 21 Dec 2005

I've also been looking at these and others, from what I understand to get a really good DVD quality image you are only able to get about 2 hours on a disk, because of this I have decided to get a hard drive recorder and then copy the images I wish to keep onto DVD but I can't afford it just now. THe liteon one is £200 with a 80 gig hard drive.

  Stuartli 21:46 21 Dec 2005

Stick to names such as LiteOn, Panasonic, Sony and similar.

Any DVD recorder below about £150 or around that figure is highly unlikely to include a hard drive rather than record direct to DVD disks.

Maplin has one at £170:

click here

You can get a 160GB hard drive DVD recorder for about £215 to £220. One example from LG:

click here

but you might find it cheaper elsewhere.

  CMC 42 21:59 21 Dec 2005

I did see an LG one cheapish - my surround sound system is an LG.

I haven't seen any Hard Drive one's in my range - and there's no way I'm spending £200 on a DVD recorder. I need that for driving lessons, or possibly towards an ibook.

  CMC 42 22:03 21 Dec 2005

Stuartli - can I just say that I'd never heard of liteOn until I started looking for DVD Recorders.

I have an LG Surround sound system and a Goodmans Telivision/Video combi.

  CMC 42 22:07 21 Dec 2005

Mind you if liteOn are a good firm there's this one: click here

  CMC 42 22:23 21 Dec 2005

Actually what about click here ?

It's an LG - I know I love my Surround sound system but what are their DVD recorders like?

  Stuartli 08:57 22 Dec 2005

According to this link, click here, Aldi is bringing out a twin tuner Freeview 80GB model for just £99....:-)

  Stuartli 09:15 22 Dec 2005

LiteOn is a well established company (many of its early CD-ROM and rewriter drives were rebadged models by specialist manufacturers) and its products are well respected as well as offering excellent value.

Actually it was LG (Lucky Goldstar) that I was thinking of when I mentioned LiteOn, although the advice still stands...:-)

You can find out about LiteOn at:

click here

  jimv7 09:22 22 Dec 2005

I have just bought a daewoo from dixons for £79.99, it uses + or - dvd rw and works great, connected my video via scart to it, and copied a film without a glitch.

click here=

  CMC 42 16:06 22 Dec 2005

Jimv7 - I believe that that is the Daewoo one that I saw in Somerfields.

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