Adz1310 22:06 18 Sep 2005

My parents are thinking of purchasing a DVD recorder though like myself dont really know much about them. Can anyone point us in the right direction on a good deal and let us in on any knowledge they have! thanks

  handy4x 22:58 18 Sep 2005

check out how easy they are to use we have a panasonic and the manual is a nightmare to understand even for someone technical but once you get the hang of it it works ok
try to get one that works with + and - discs at the same speed and not all willuse rw- and rw+
ie will only use one or the other but will write to any write once disks

  stalion 23:07 18 Sep 2005
  pj123 10:32 19 Sep 2005

Check this thread as well, might be some pointers for you.

click here

  freaky 10:43 19 Sep 2005

Firstly, get one that has a 80gb Hard Drive.

Secondly, if you want 5.1 surround sound, then look for one that has this built in...you can then fully utilise Dolby Surround Sound.

The makes I like are Panasonic, Toshiba and Sony (not necessarily in that order).

PCA has a good review of the Sony RDRHX510S. In fact this is the one I am possibly buying. It also has 5.1 channel audio outputs. The RRP for this one is £400, but you can purchase via the internet for about £330. I believe this model was only brought out recently, therefore a lot of the review sites don't display it.

  pj123 12:48 19 Sep 2005

freaky, according to this site: the Sony rdrhx510s is a player only, not a recorder?

click here

So maybe cross that one off your list?

  freaky 15:55 19 Sep 2005

The Sony RDRHX510S definitely has a 80gb Hard Drive....hence the price tag. I have copies of from three different sites of the specification, each one states 80GB HD.

  freaky 16:02 19 Sep 2005

The link you have provided gives the product code for the model displayed as 2440107....the correct code is 245283 hence their error in the specification!!

  pj123 16:51 19 Sep 2005

I concede. Just tried the Comet site and yes this is listed as a DVD Recorder 80gb hard drive.

click here

  SEASHANTY 16:48 23 Sep 2005

Some DVD recorder reviews here
click here

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