DVD-R and DVD RAM Blank Discs

  AlanHo 17:07 14 Sep 2003

I am looking for blank discs for my Panasonic DVD writer. DVD-R and DVD-RAM blanc media.

Would welcome suggestions for suitable media obtainable in UK.

  -pops- 18:02 14 Sep 2003
  Wilham 20:02 14 Sep 2003

I've searched high and low for DVD-RAM. Best so far is 7dayshop : 5 pkt at £18 +pp but in cases not carts. Second of pops' clicks is great for RAM... Thanks -pops-

  AlanHo 20:06 14 Sep 2003

Thanks pops - I can now check whether my DVD writer works OK.

  GEORGE219 19:12 11 Oct 2003

Are thay ok for films

  SEASHANTY 11:16 12 Oct 2003

Some of the cheapest for DVD-RAM at Komplett in Coventry click here
They are cheaper at the Panasonic.co.uk e-shop but they have none in stock at mo. Say they will send email when supplies arrive. I have tried using the Verbatim 4.7GB DVD-R 2x spped on my Panasonic DMR-E60 and they work fine. Microdirect say that Verbatim DVD-R suitable for both Panasonic and Pioneer.

  SEASHANTY 11:22 12 Oct 2003

Re the 7 Day Shop. Curious to know if you were charged VAT and postal charges on orders from them to the U.K. They are based in Guernsey and according to U.K. Internal Revenue they are liable for the above charges if £18 or over (goods + post).
click here

  Wilham 12:58 12 Oct 2003

Up to the other day I've always had good service from 7dayshop, mostly for the supply of original HP carts. I tried an HP compatible from them, - one colour didn't come through, I returned it and had an apologetic 'phone call acknowledging the quality of compats varied, and I retuned it and paid the £10 upgrade to HP original. On the whole satisfactory, so far.
In a recent order an APS film was awaiting new stock; it has now come but not in its cardboard box, so with no expiry date. On enquiry I found out out the exp date was just six months ahead (Mar 2004). The film hadn't been described as short-dated. To me it's is a blot on their performance (I'm used to their slow deliveries).
Is this a sign that digital cameras are quickly ousting APS?
P&p is usually 95p but on occasion free. Goods come in numerous jiffy bags I assume to fit in with the vat conditions you mention.
I'd switch if I found a supplier of original HP carts cheaper than 7dayshop, and who held stocks of HP56, HP57, and HP58.

  SEASHANTY 15:23 12 Oct 2003

Glad to hear from you again. Cartridges are usually under £18 but it was in relation to the 5 DVD Ram discs at £18 + 95 which should attract an extra charge of £7-50 to £8 on arrival in the U.K. I checked up on the regs and Channel Islands are outside the EU vat zone and thus for anything over £18 vat applies plus the £3-85 P.O. charge for collecting it on behalf of customs. Not only that but you have to go to the P.O. sorting office to collect and pay. This happened to me on a DVD boxed set region 1 from PLAY.COM. I had to fork out and extra £15 and pay this before the P.O. would release the goods. The same regulations apply to 7 Day Shop.
Occasionally some packages do get thru the Mount Pleasant sorting office but you cannot rely on this - hence my query to you. Regards.

  Wilham 20:10 12 Oct 2003

Seashanty, I bought a pk of 5 ram 4.7's from 7dayshop 15th July, invoice says £17-99 total, no pp, so it was not liable for vat, and from your info, forgive the pun, the penny has dropped.
The 9.4GB Ram from Komplett includes disk cartridge (caddy?) and is cheapest seen anywhere at £10-60. But if a 9.4 Ram has to be turned over half way through I don't really see much advantage over two 4.7's.
Thanks for useful thread AlanHo.

  The Sack 20:21 12 Oct 2003

click here is another alternatve

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