computer novice 15:01 02 Jan 2004

where would the best place be to get blank dvd-r from reasonable quality and not too pricey?

  [email protected] 15:04 02 Jan 2004
  rickf 15:09 02 Jan 2004

computer fairs, dirt cheap.

  Stuartli 17:20 02 Jan 2004

Every so often the coasters work out cheaper as well...:-)

  tunneller 17:25 02 Jan 2004

Try novatech.co.uk - cheaper than both those recommended above.

  ajm 13:23 03 Jan 2004

PC World ( retail stores ) have offer on DVDr/DVDrw. Buy One get one free. Spindle of 25 costs aprox £25.99. Dont really know if its +r/+rw or -r/-rw

  bremner 13:30 03 Jan 2004

Be aware that the PCW offers normally apply to 1x disks and that similar offers are available on line for 4x disks. For example click here

This may be the exception, if so they would be good value.

  georgemac 13:39 03 Jan 2004

http:/click here svp communications excellent prices and service, and if you join the buyers club you normally get special offers on shipping. Until tomorrow lunchtime if you order more than £30 of goods, shipping is £1.99 + vat instead of the normal £3.99 + vat.

I bought some azo type white top dvd-r from ebuyer, very cheap, but not playing too well on standalone dvd player.

I have a sony burner, and founf the bulkpaq orange dvd-r excellent, and have just bought some with the ritek 04 dyd from svp, I have been told they are excellent.

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