DVD Player cannot play discs

  ajm 12:10 21 Dec 2003

I currently have a DVD player for the TV that can happily play DVD-R that I burn on my Sony DRU500AX. It however would not play +R discs. The model is Toshiba SD-102E. is there another DVD player on the market that can play all formats of discs including ones made by DivX format. Best place to buy them and prices.

  johnnyrocker 12:49 21 Dec 2003

i beleive ther is one made by LG that will run both/all


  Stuartli 12:58 21 Dec 2003


Most modern players will play DVD-R discs without any problems, allowing, for example, home movies to be played back. Some, but not all, will play DVD-RW and a few will play DVD-RAM discs. DVD+R and DVD+RW are not DVD formats and only some players will play these discs.

Look here:

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click here

  Rayuk 14:34 21 Dec 2003

click here
dvd players/Kiss technology seen them mentioned before re playing Div-x

  Jonah8208 22:21 21 Dec 2003

I have a Sony DVD Burner and a Cheap Samsung DVD player connected to the TV, I have spent months burning DVDs in every conceivable format, + & - and have not once got a burned DVD to play at all via the Samsung Player. According to the Samsungs' specs it should happily play anything but it won't read the discs. I have tried different brands / coloured discs, used all the possible burning formats in Nero 6 and ended up with a very large pile of coasters.

So the plan is to hook the computer directly to the TV via a wireless monitor link. The TV is a Sharp LCD and has the monitor socket installed but I need to avoid the miles of wiring involved to get past the wife acceptance factor, hence a wireless link. This will get around all of the problems and I will be able to play any disc the computer can read. In theory?

I could buy a decent DVD player but that would be too easy and far too stress free.

  Stuartli 09:05 22 Dec 2003

The Kiss range (my son has one and is very pleased with it after doing considerable research into what was best) can be found at:

click here

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