DVD data buffer HELP!

  geezore 12:43 03 Nov 2004

Sorry guys, I am a real novice and starting to get into the whole DVD recordable thing. Planning on getting my video footage from miniDV onto DVD via laptop.
Is a 2MB data buffer adequate for this, or am I looking at lots of wasted DVD discs?
Thinking of buying the Roch Quaddra Ti (Has a dual format DVD burner with a 2MB data buffer) The last pcadvisor mag said this is the minimum to go for. Anyone with more "experience"???

  Chris..b 12:49 03 Nov 2004

I seem to get most errors from trying to write dvds to fast....dont write at the maximum speed you can its better to slow down the writing a bit.

I will take slightly longer but it will be worth the time not to waste money.

I use click here to get dvd discs which are cheap.

Plus for the first few use DVD-RW discs as you can rewite on these if they go wrong so you dont waste discs.

Hope this helps

  Jdoki 13:26 03 Nov 2004

2MB should be fine. I have an 8x Dual layer burner (by Sony) and use Datawrite Classic Grey disks (single layer) - never had a problem writing at full speed - and I'm sure it's a 2MB buffer.

A company you may want to try is click here Not the prettiest site, or all that friendly to navigate, but they do list, in the description of each product, which drives are compatible with the media. Their delivery is quick, and they are pretty cheap by the way.

You're more likely to get coasters from having media that your drive doesn't like than because you get buffer over/under run. Most DVD copying tools (such as Nero et al) have a software buffer that feeds the drives hardware buffer.

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