dvd blank discs what ones ??

  pat-212841 15:37 15 Jun 2005

Hi have my dvd burner now got it working ok but i dont know waht i want a usb firewire cable for but thats not he question i am asking i cant find the link on here that someone put on for a shop selling blank dvds does someone know what shop it was please, i think it had speacial offer on .

  Jdoki 16:09 15 Jun 2005

The place I always go to is click here

Never had any problems, discs are cheap, postage is OK, and if you sign up to their newsletter they often send out special offer codes.

  pat-212841 16:26 15 Jun 2005

Cheers Jdoki i just look there i ahve some but they dont seem to have enough space on them to record anything on !

  Joe R 17:30 15 Jun 2005


if you are using nero, have you got it set to DVD, as the cd setting will only give you 700Mb.

  pat-212841 17:44 15 Jun 2005

Hi Joe R i got a bundle of software with this dvd burner nero was on it but cyberlink that was on it works better . i just copying anything at the moment just to check it out but what i want to copy is my daughters wedding but it says the blank disc i am putting in has not got enough space ,i trying to find out what it means when it says X4 on the disc cause some say X8 or is that just speed i want a blank disc that holds more than 4.7gb but they all seem to ! sorry thick !

  pat-212841 17:49 15 Jun 2005

Blimey just found one 8.5 Gb on ebay 5 blank dvd dual something for £40 plus postage !

  Joe R 17:51 15 Jun 2005


the blank dvd's you are talking about are dual layer, and as you have found out, are rather expensive at the minute.

Have you got a video splitter, that would allow you to record onto two disks.?

  pat-212841 17:57 15 Jun 2005

No i havnt got one of them !oh no something else to buy ! i just bought one blank dvd disk on ebay for £4.49 with postage and the guy lives near me ,i just copy my daughters wedding on that ,many thanks for all your help

  Joe R 18:02 15 Jun 2005

click here

This will allow you to splice the video files. Oh and it's free.

  pat-212841 18:16 15 Jun 2005

Joe R thanks for that i have a go .

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