Duty Free - Security or Scam? (Rant)

  Covergirl 13:00 01 Oct 2010

If you have travelled abroad lately, you will no doubt have been inconvenienced by the "liquids no larger than 100ml" in your hand luggage.

This means you can only bring wines and spirits bought in the resort back on your flight if they are in your hold luggage.

Unless, of course, you buy them in Duty Free before you board the plane.

Despite all the publicity in DF, their goods may well be 30% cheaper but that just applies to the UK high street - wines and spirits are often much cheaper in the resort than they are in DF.

I reckon that DF must be making a killing these days; having said that, I'd rather be safer on a plane than at risk from a loony.

I do however think that DF should drop their prices to at least that in the resort. They are buying wholesale in bulk and will pay a fraction of what they will charge, so . . . .

. . . Come on Duty Free - be fair with the public and give us a reasonable deal.

Rant over

Tax and Duty Free stores have always had profit margins that High Street stores can only dream of.

  Clapton is God 13:49 01 Oct 2010

This is your third "rant" about flying or a related activity.

You clearly don't like flying, so perhaps it might be best if you stayed at home in your cave and, thus, you won't be inconvenienced by the airline industry.

  Chris the Ancient 14:25 01 Oct 2010

Duty free doesn't mean profit free!

The airports rely on duty free sales as a large part of their income.

No (or cheap) duty free = increased airport taxes = more expensive flights.

Your choice.

  jack 15:11 01 Oct 2010

Goods sold as Duty Free mean just that no money from the transaction goes in duty payment.

I for one have never purchased anything 'Duty Free'
The seller simply take all for themselves and usually plus a bit more.
As for feeding in a shorthaul flight- why would you?
If you must, take your own.
Of course it has to be said that a short haul flight still may be a day of travelling and waiting of which the flight counts as a small percentage of the time.
So buy the flight, feed yourself

  Covergirl 17:07 01 Oct 2010

Bad day? BAD DAY ??? Ha Ha Ha you all. - no, I'm having an extremely good day thanks - one of those days where words are flowing a bit better and I felt it time to get a couple of things I have observed lately off my chest.

Flying - absolutely love it !! Got back from the Costa del Sol last weekend after a nice relaxing ten days. I made a few observations as per the three rants and thought it was about time to get them down to see if anyone agreed with me.

  Forum Editor 18:08 01 Oct 2010

of your illogical rants into one thread?

  STREETWORK 21:20 01 Oct 2010

Everyone has a say, theres some logic in what Covergirl is typing...

just got to find it...

  finerty 21:23 01 Oct 2010

Im glad your ranting, i know that for terrorists reasons, they started the use of certain ml bottles. Which i find not very useful if you have a large family travelling back and forth

  Forum Editor 23:09 01 Oct 2010

Your large family can travel more safely thanks to the airlines' policy on liquids in containers. You might find it 'not very useful' but I'm sure you would rather get to your destination safely.

  Colin 11:36 02 Oct 2010

Partly due to the current restrictions and partly for convenience I don’t take any hand baggage with me for short or long haul flights. I just have my wallet, passport and phone with me. I can appreciate a lap top, brief case or hand bag but I can’t understand the passengers who bring on a mini luggage case or sausage type bag clogging up the overhead bins and bashing other passengers with them whilst walking down the aisle to their seat.

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