Is a scam or not?

  bigfooted 13:12 18 Apr 2017

I have just paid £15.99 to the above site for 1 month access to The instructions stated that as soon as payment was confirmed I would receive an access code via e-mail which would give me access to pay to watch channels for one month, all legal and above board. Unfortunately having made the payment and confirmed it has been made by my bank I find I have not been given an access code and am unable to contact the supposed site to complain. If you are thinking about subscribing to this site beware it would appear to be a scam.

  mole44 07:43 19 Apr 2017

I did a quick due diligence on them as we all should on things like this and came up with this story if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

  mole44 07:43 19 Apr 2017 sorry no idea why a duff link

  mole44 07:46 19 Apr 2017

I have no idea whats going wrong putting in a link click here

  Forum Editor 09:31 19 Apr 2017

The company's domain name is registered to an individual who has opted to have his/her name withheld on the domain registry.

That in itself is not a reason to suspect anything fishy is going on, but there are no details about the company on the website - no postal address, no telephone numbers, and no email address. That is definitely a cause for concern.

It is a legal requirement that all commercial companies registered in the UK must supply the following information on their websites:-

The business name, place of registration, registered number, registered office address. For sole traders and partnerships, the address of the principle place of business must be displayed.

None of that information is displayed on the site, and that should give any prospective customer a reason to be very cautious.

I intend to investigate further, but in the meantime I suggest that you contact your card provider and ask if you are eligible for a chargeback process. This is a system offered by VISA, Mastercard and American Express whereby you may be able to get the money refunded in cases where payments are too small to be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

  bigfooted 12:40 20 Apr 2017

Strange as it may seem, I have just received a phone call from the site owner, Phil, who apologised for not sending the access code, confirmed he had been paid and gave me the code. I was also informed that is associated with and was a new venture they were trialling. I have inserted the code and it works so my apologies to anyone who felt I had damaged their reputation by suggesting the site was a scam.

  Forum Editor 22:44 20 Apr 2017

Droidsmart Ltd went into liquidation in September 2016. The director named in the winding up notice was Philip Grinter. Possibly the 'Phil' who spoke to you. is still online, and the following undated statement appears in the blog section:

"Just a quick message to our customers, we have recently changed management which comes with other changes too. Please be patient with our phone lines until we get new staff to take your calls."

The fact remains that the website is not complying with current legislation - there are no contact details shown, no postal address, and no registered company details.

I can find no record of a company called Droidsport.

  bigfooted 11:29 22 Apr 2017

Many thanks for the replies, the code apparently gives me access to an app. operating under IPTV, the cost tallies with what I have been charged, £15.99 for 1 month, and I do have full access to this although I am unable to confirm if this is legit or not. It does appear as though is operating as an agent for IPTV because they have their own app., which when accessed goes directly to IPTV.

  Forum Editor 18:14 22 Apr 2017

"It does appear as though is operating as an agent for IPTV"

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television - it isn't a company, it's a technology- there are many IPTV providers in the market.

  bigfooted 13:33 24 Apr 2017

I assume then that as this is presented as a free standing app. it is another 'pirate' app. aimed at accessing pay to view channels, and any 'fees' paid will not find their way to the genuine provider.

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