downloading music

  tanzanite 17:15 31 May 2003

i am fairly new to computers and am interested in downloading music,I was wondering where i could get info either in a book or on the web.

  Djohn 17:32 31 May 2003

It's a little difficult for anyone to advise you on this issue, as the downloading of music, (If it is protected by Copyright)is illegal.

Most music especially the popular tracks that most people are interested in, are copyright.

If you still decide to to download music, you will need a special program to do this, and unfortunately the programs available also bring with them all types of problems.

Virus and spy-ware are just two of these, and may cause untold damage to your files and programs already installed. Regards. J.

  yid61 17:40 31 May 2003

There are two that I've use Kazaa and imesh. Personally I prefer imesh. Djohn is right though, they bring alot of 'extras' with them but its easy to get rid of most of them and it's worth the little bit of hassle if you're into your music. Not that I'd ever download copyrighted music for free though!

  leo49 18:15 31 May 2003

"If you still decide to to download music, you will need a special program to do this"

I'm afraid that's simply not true,Djohn.


  jazzypop 18:19 31 May 2003

Contrary to a large body of opinion that has often been expressed on this site in the past, there are plenty of ways to legally download music from the Web - click here for a starting point

See also click here to be able to listen to streaming music, without necessarily downloading it.

  Djohn 18:24 31 May 2003

Well, don't keep me guessing! :o)

  leo49 19:11 31 May 2003

What concerns me is that every time this subject comes up it's presented as a 'given fact' that music can only be downloaded via these P2P progs.The novice/newcomer if he chooses the Devil then installs one of these nasty little programs - because he's been led to believe that there's no alternative - and the ensuing grief is regularly in evidence in the Helproom.

What folk do on their computer is a matter for them and we do them no favours with misinformation.[even if well-intentioned]

You know well that for obvious reasons I won't provide public evidence - but if you want to satisfy your curiosity [and knowing you that's the only reason you'd want to know]I'll gladly provide a private eyeopener for you. :o)


  Djohn 19:43 31 May 2003

Thank you for your second reply, because I was a little surprised with your rather abrupt reply above. Seemed most unlike you.

As you can see in my reply to tanzanite, I didn't respond in a preaching manner at all, I'd like to think that I never do.

Yes one can listen to music, even download a reasonable variety from legal sources. My only intention was and is, to make people aware of the dangers that certain programs can bring.

I also agree with you that people may do as they wish with their own PC's, that is the only way I would want it to be.

If I have given the wrong impression in my posting then I apologise, it has never been my intention in any of my postings to preach or patronise.

Maybe I need to check myself and think a little more before making a post, This is the third time in a week that I appear have upset someone and have had my replies brought back to my attention, twice, without an explanation as to why.

I have at all times tried to help and guide, but very rarely give advice, I don't feel qualified to do so.

I shall take a short break, sit on the sideline for a while, re-charge my batteries so to speak.

I would be most upset if any help I have ever tried to give has caused any forum user to have a problem.

My best regards to you leo49

  leo49 20:12 31 May 2003

Don't misunderstand me,you haven't upset me at all - I 've known you too long for that and my skin's too thick anyway - and there's certainly no cause for apology.

I was trying to make only one point and one point only - that there are so many alternative sources on the Net that the furious debate over P2P to my mind misses the point and it puzzles me even more why anyone should choose to expose their PC to such risks if they take the illegal path.

[Just one example of tens of thousands; one forum I occasionally visit had a link on it this morning to a website where the top 1000 singles of the 1960's were all neatly laid out for plunder.]

It occurred to me that perhaps this emphasis on P2P leads novices[who are the least well-equipped to deal with problems]down the Kazaa-type route because they believe that there's no other way?Some may say they deserve all they get but I'd rather they minimise the risk.

I've been wanting to get that off my chest for quite a while and unfortunately you were grazed by shrapnel. :o)

All the best to you

  Djohn 20:29 31 May 2003

No apology needed, I replied to a thread last week and was shot down for my lack of knowledge on the subject.

If only he had known that the answer had come to me via e-mail from "flecc"

So I will still take a couple of weeks off and re-charge. Just read but not post in.

My best to you, and all who read this thread. John.

  tanzanite 20:38 31 May 2003

ok calm down boys,i didnt mean to start war.maybe i should have stated in a legal way.thanks for your advice,but same as i was only interested in making a few cds to listen in car,ithink id be better of just heading to my local cd store xx

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