Downloaded Adobe reader lately?

  Forum Editor 09:03 28 May 2006

Just out of interest - has anyone downloaded the Adobe Acrobat Reader, only to find that - without any request for permission - Adobe has plonked a Photo application and a Yahoo toolbar on your machine?

  Sapins 09:08 28 May 2006

Just downloaded Adobe Reader 7 to my laptop and I noticed it was going to install the photo application and Yahoo toolbar so I unticked them before proceeding. Option easily missed though.

  €dstowe 09:20 28 May 2006

Yes. It did it on an auto update on IE.

The Yahoo thing is turned off from View -> Toolbars.

Photoshop album I removed by Add/Remove.

I do object to anything being installed surreptitiously like this. There may have been a warning but it wasn't made apparent.

  961 09:21 28 May 2006

For some time now I have been concerned about the size of Acrobat Reader which seems to have mushroomed out of all proportion

Additionaly, as you say, downloads now include extras unless you happen to notice you need to untick the box to stop them. It should certainly work the other way round

But then many other downloads now seem to include Yahoo, Google or whatever and I suppose it is one way to fund these sites

So far as Acrobat Reader is concerned, while repairing a friend's computer this week I opted to download Acrobat Reader 5 from the Adobe site. This is a much slimmer and equally effective programme that refrains from connecting itself to the internet at all sorts of times the way Acrobat 7 does

  €dstowe 09:22 28 May 2006

I noticed on one machine it became installed on that there is an option to upgrade to Photoshop Elements. Now, that machine had a full version of Photoshop on it so why isn't the damned thing intelligent enough to know that is isn't needed?

  anskyber 10:45 28 May 2006

We shall see. On rechecking my reader ver 7 I see I have set it to download critical updates but notify me before install. The next scheduled check is 1st June so I shall observe with extra keen interest.

From manual update the Photoshop etc. has been available for some time but I do not select it for install. The extra languages download option is very large and for ordinary types like me pretty pointless. I agree with 961 there is a tendency for programmes to get bloated. A bit like cars really, have you ever seen a mark 1, 3 series BMW for example next to the new model!

  ajm 12:14 28 May 2006

If I am not mistaken, previously in the downlage page, there was an option where you could tick the option to install just the reader or the reader with Photoshop elements and the yahoo toolbar.

Looks like that this is removed, reading from the postings

  ajm 12:19 28 May 2006

cheked the adobe UK site click here

There IS an option to choose to download Yahoo Toolbar and Adobe Photoshop.

  spuds 12:48 28 May 2006

Recently downloaded Abode and missed the 'untick' Yahoo box (similar to CCleaner). I do not know whether it is me or the Yahoo toolbar connection, but since downloading, I find that on opening Internet Explorer (canceling the Yahoo toolbar) everything works okay. If I open another IE window with the Yahoo toolbar present, the previously opened window crashes, and I lose the page. If I leave the Yahoo toolbar in situ on the first opened page, then open another window again with Yahoo toolbar present, then there seems to be no problem's.

As stated, perhaps just me and my computer, but then again possibly something worth watching!.

  Haol 12:51 28 May 2006

I used to use Adobe Acrobat but it took quite long to get loaded so I tried Reader instead and that's practically the same so know I use Foxit Reader click here which has no loading screens and is only a 1.3mb download.

  Forum Editor 13:03 28 May 2006

there is an option to refuse the download, but by default it's ticked - therefore it's an opt-out situation, rather than an opt-in choice.

I'm compiling some information on this whole question of opt-in versus opt-out, and would be grateful for any other instances of opt-in by default that you may find.

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