Download Accelerator Plus - YouTube downloads failing

  Han_Taylor 23:19 19 Sep 2012

Hi there,

I'm currently experiencing the following problem with DAP when attempting to download videos from YouTube (I can still download content from

  1. I click on the "Download Video" button on the tool bar; after which I enter the link (I tended to copy and paste from Chrome's address bar - but the problem is the same if I use the integrated buttons below the YouTube video pane ).
  2. After verifying the DAP manager finds the various types of video format for the given link. I generally select MP4, but I've tried each of the formats as a check.
  3. I click the "download now" button and the next window moves to initializing; however instead of commencing the download the program re-boots initialization five times (blinking 5 times), then the initialization window closes and the download is reported as broken / failed.
  4. The problem is repeated when I try to resume the download or attempt to force the download.

I've been experiencing this problem for about 2 weeks now - any ideas why I can't get YouTube videos, when the program works with I've uninstalled and re-installed DAP twice to no avail.

I'm using Windows 7 Premium on a Acer Aspire 5741 laptop - which runs like a well oiled machine.

Hope you can help,

Many thanks, Han.

  rdave13 08:56 20 Sep 2012

It sounds as if Google is stopping DAP downloading. Try something like aTube Catcher.

  rdave13 08:57 20 Sep 2012

It sounds as if Google is stopping DAP downloading. Try something like aTube Catcher.

  HondaMan 09:37 20 Sep 2012

Search for Youtube downloader. It is an excellent programme!

  Han_Taylor 00:34 22 Sep 2012

I understand that YouTube is running more and more anti-leeching codes to id programs. Might be the problem. Thanks for the posts. I'll switch to a different program, like you say maybe DAP is blocked. Cheers, Han.

  rdave13 00:50 22 Sep 2012

Thanks for the feed back. It's not 'might be' it is a fact. Anyway you have two recommendations of alternative Tube streaming down-loaders.

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