down load new driver....

  ohyesblah 19:42 20 Apr 2004

I have a multivision ionix laptop. I purchased a new game & it won't play. Ringing the support team they sent me a new download driver but it would not load. They told me to go back to multivision & get them to send me the newer driver for my card. The problem seems to be that multvision have put a block on the card & it won't load a newer driver & they are no longer trading so I can't get any advise. HELP..... I am new to the world of laptops...

  Totally-braindead 19:51 20 Apr 2004

I don't know if its possible to block someone from installing a new driver but I'm sure someone else will. Could you post the name of the game you are trying to play and some more details of your computer, mainly speed, amount of memory and the graphics card details

  Totally-braindead 19:53 20 Apr 2004

Sorry and your operating system as well, I presume its XP?

  ohyesblah 20:26 21 Apr 2004

I am trying to play a game (Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps)that requires direct x 9. Everything is installed fine (game, direct x 9 etc) I have a highly speced laptop (p4 2.8ghz with 510mb ram and an ATI radeon 9000 with 64mb of memory), I am running XP and my driver version is 6.130010.xxxx. But I need a driver that supports direct x9 (6.14.xxxx.xxxx) I cant use the catalyst drivers from ATI (which would obviously solve my problem) as with some laptops the card has been customised so that the original drivers from the graphics card manufacturer dont work. However, i cant go to the laptop manufacturer (Multivision) as they have gone into receivership and no one will provide any support. I know my laptop is more than capable, but I cant get a driver. Is there anything I can do, or does anyone have a driver?

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