Doubtful Amazon email

  Pine Man 12:38 02 Dec 2013

I received an email appearing to come from Amazon today. The address it was from was AMAZON.CO.UK [email protected] The bit of the address [email protected] was enclosed with < >.

What made me suspicious is that it referred to an order I placed on 1st December and I didn't place any orders yesterday and in addition it was addressed to not only me but a load of people with a similar email address to me. Another doubtful aspect was a zip file in the attachments waiting to be opened!

Just thought I'd post this as a warning.

  wiz-king 15:39 02 Dec 2013

Bin it. (along with the ones telling you that you have won the Microsoft lottery - hade three of them today)

  Forum Editor 15:59 02 Dec 2013

Transferred to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 16:01 02 Dec 2013

There are hundreds of thousands of these fake emails in circulation, and there is also a spate of fake DHL delivery emails doing the rounds.

Your anti-virus software should report the attachments as being infected.

  rickf 17:46 03 Dec 2013

There is also a new fake one purporting to be from MBNA telling you to log in and update your details or you would be locked out in 48hrs. Be very aware this time of the year. They are out fishing and none of them St. Peter. The MBNA one looks really genuine so be careful.

  bumpkin 21:27 03 Dec 2013

Barclays as well in my case, update my details. Don't be fooled they will write to you if they need that info.

  Forum Editor 16:59 04 Dec 2013

another addition to the flood purports to come from Royal mail. It talks of a lost parcel.

  iscanut 11:40 06 Dec 2013

I have just had a spam email from PayPal, advising me that there is suspicious activity on my account and it has been froze. They used a very old email account address that I used with them over 2 years ago !! Had to click on a link to sort the problem out. Good try so be warned and add this one to the many others doing the rounds.

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