Don't ya just hate it when.......

  SG Atlantis® 18:59 26 Dec 2005

something you buy goes way down in price a few weeks later?

Couple of months back my phone dropped by fifty quid after one week. Xmas present toys I paid £30 odd for are now £4.99 in the sale.


Ok that's my rant over, appologies.

  ade.h 19:11 26 Dec 2005

Hmm, agree totally. I have what's commonly known as short arms and deep pockets; I hate the thought of spending any more than I had to.

  SG Atlantis® 21:35 27 Dec 2005

no one else agree that is out right infuriating?



  Stuartli 22:01 27 Dec 2005

No, what you say is true.

But in such a rapidly advancing technology in all its areas it's not surprising.

I bought a 60GB Western Digital hard drive a few months ago for around £66 (I got the OEM version with the three year warranty rather than an 80GB with one year warranty for the same price).

Two weeks after delivered the hard drive, the same price would have bought an 80GB OEM with the three year warranty...:-(

Apart from the fact that hard drives have both gone up by remarkable figures combined with ever lower prices in the past two or three eyars, digital cameras and camcorders offer similar financial and technological benefits.

I paid £200 for a 2MB Minolta digital camera three years ago (it had been £350 previously); today's £100 or so equivalents deliver up to 5MB and Jessops is currently selling the SLR styled Panasonic F220 with 12x zoom and 5MP for £199.99, half the original price.

  Carbonara 22:07 27 Dec 2005

As the Gb/Mb go up the price falls!!

  SG Atlantis® 22:16 27 Dec 2005

I fella in my work paid £300 for a mobile the motorolla razr on o2 payg it dropped by over a hundred quid in under a week, he shrugged it off saying awkwell it's on the CC anyway.

I thought bloody hell.

  SG Atlantis® 22:17 27 Dec 2005

*A fella in my work...

  Skills 04:05 28 Dec 2005

Very annoying indeed, I just paid £70 for a freeview box about 2 months ago same box now in the sales for £50 with a topup tv card.

After i've brought something I try not to look at the prices of it you always see it somewhere cheaper. Or you wait till it comes down to a price you're willing to pay and then theres a better model out for a few quid more. Its a never ending circle, I was watching the news earlier and there was someone interviewed at the sales they said they didnt care what they spent they'd pay for it next year.

Ok I thought

  steve0 11:52 28 Dec 2005

Sometimes works the other way round. Bought Viewsonic vp930 monitor from for £346 last month. Friend bought one recently from same site - price has gone up to £370!

  spuds 12:41 28 Dec 2005

This is nothing to do with computers. But a couple of weeks ago, I visited the local B&Q store in search of a petrol chainsaw. Saw a model that I liked, but the price of £144.00 was not in my price range, at that time. The following week, I made a re-visit, and saw the same chainsaw in the clearance section.Price was now £69.00 and I even managed to get the over 60's further 10% discount off that price. Apparently, B&Q were discontinuing that model, and had also lost the instruction manual. Phone call from the B&Q store, and the manufacturers sent a new instruction book, direct to my home.Who's a happy bunny then?.

  pauldonovan 13:07 28 Dec 2005

its enough to make you cry :) I was wondering just a while ago how many people take back Xmas presents and things they bought prior to christmas, get a refund then re-buy them cheaper in the sale. Maybe that's why shops have a number of days in which in theory you can't return anything after Xmas.

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