Don't want to be shafted by my insurance company

  flimeyfred 19:30 01 Apr 2010

Back in January my house was burgled and my laptop and several other items were stolen. I am now having issues with my insurance company who orginally offered me a really cheap Toshiba or £300, whereas my orginal HP laptop had been a specified item on my insurance for £1000. I spoke with a chap from HP who reckoned the equivalent model now to my orginal laptop would be one of the HP dv8 range.

The insurance people are now offering me a Toshiba L550-17T.

I don't really know a lot (anything!) about computers but I know what I had was a pretty good one, and I don't want to take anything that isn't as good. What do people reckon to this offer? What would be a good alternative?


  Pine Man 20:01 01 Apr 2010

'What do people reckon to this offer? What would be a good alternative?'

What is more important is what does your policy say you should receive for goods stolen during a burglary?
New for old?
Like for like?
Does it's age or condition have to be taken into account?

Only when you know what you are actually entitled to can you start negotiating.

  Kevscar1 05:40 02 Apr 2010

Have you got the reciept this proves what you spent on the computer and you can compare specs.

Unfortunatley Insurance companies are used to people overclaiming so it will be down to you to prove what you spent

  awest3 08:47 02 Apr 2010

Insurancew companies can be strange... a few years back I had my shed broken into and a rotovator and lawnmower were stolen (police notified).. I had the receipts for both items which were about 2 years old, Total about £ I said give me an offer around £250 and I'll go and buy replacements.. They said No way, go and buy replacements and send us the bill..Total cost £500ish which they paid with no hassles..good for me but I can't quite understand the logic..Although I suppose its the proper way to do it..

  961 09:10 02 Apr 2010

Assemble the original receipt, a review if you can find one,the specification, a written opinion from the maker or other expert of what current model would be similar and photocopy the lot

Look at the policy and see if the cover seeks to replace with a new model or merely one of a similar spec and age. Was any proof of value or cost provided to the insurance company when the item was insured?

These are the facts to start the negotiation as to what is a fair figure on which to settle

Do this in writing and keep copies of all letters

The contract is to put you back in the place you were before the loss, not to rip you off or make you better off. New for old is a bonus if it is there

At some stage there will be an option to take a replacement of the insurer's choosing or a cash settlement. Consider carefully, the Insurer's buying power may well be better than yours and it's another haggle factor, but if you take the goods rather than the cash and turn out not to like it, you're rather stuck

  Ford Prefect 01 10:46 02 Apr 2010

Having had an HP and a Toshiba I'd take the Toshiba anyday.

  ronalddonald 11:15 02 Apr 2010

flimeyfred which insurance company are you with that is offering the toshiba

  donki 13:55 02 Apr 2010

I had a similar incident, I washed my iPhone in the washing maching which was a horrific realisation. Anyway, when I called the insurance company (house insurance, personal posation up to £2000) they simply asked what model I had and what it would cost new. I stated that the local Apple store would replace my damaged iPhone with a refurb for £150 (out of service warranty) which I would have been happy enough with. They said no we will reimburse you the cost of what a shiney new one will cost, £440. I wasn't complaining.

  donki 13:58 02 Apr 2010

Sorry, forgot to say. As Pine Man says it all depends on what your policy says, you should have a print out of what your covered for i.e. personal contents and what single item value then a booklet explaining what personal items are included excluded.

  961 14:56 02 Apr 2010

Me too

  flimeyfred 18:03 02 Apr 2010

thanks for everyone's response so far. I'm insured with aviva.

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