valex008 08:06 07 Mar 2004

I have a trust spacecam usb and recently upgraded to xp the cams only 3yrs old and trust wont support it !!! because as the support centre said it only has a two year gurrantte !! ever since TRUST got taken over I know thay have been crap but not to support a product that's 3yrs old is a bit mean !!! (yes i tried all over for other drivers) anyone with 98/me want a free spacecam usb it works fine but dont expect any support or an updated driver !!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:15 07 Mar 2004

click here

You have already posted this and have had a bunch of replies; they are hardly likely to change. A new camera is £19.99, get one, stop the angst and move on.


  valex008 09:20 07 Mar 2004

so because its only a cheap camera its ok then !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:18 07 Mar 2004

Trust cannot be expected to pre-guess what MS are about to do, is this unclear?


  fly-chicken-fly 10:49 07 Mar 2004

but thay could bring out a driver !

  tbh72 12:10 07 Mar 2004

I'll take a free camera if it's still on offer. Then i'll be able to add a picture to click here

  Forum Editor 12:16 07 Mar 2004

three years is an eternity, and I for one am not at all surprised that this company isn't going to write a new driver for your product.

A new camera will cost less than a meal out for two, and if I had to spend that much every three years I wouldn't be complaining. If you want low-cost products you will have to accept that post sales support - particularly years down the line - is going to be limited.

  spuds 12:32 07 Mar 2004

It must be a good and reliable product if you have had three years use out of it, without any [driver] problems until recently. Due to the cheapness of this type of product, you will find that in some computer bundles, these webcam products are offered 'free'.To save further frustration, why not go to PCW or Ebuyer for the latest model with XP drivers, which you should be able to pick up at a good sensible price.

  only me 12:38 07 Mar 2004

Valex 008
come on! has FE says cheap! i have had two web cams both cheap, if they go wrong. Bin them, not worth the trouble

  Forum Editor 12:49 07 Mar 2004
  Stuartli 14:25 07 Mar 2004

New Matrix webcam £8.99 at BigPockets:

click here

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