Don't buy at I paid for a new item, but received refurbished.

  dondyndyron 11:25 26 Feb 2013

Just having a horrible experience dealing with and I thought that I have to share it with laptop buyers.

Paid for a new laptop but received something looking like refurbished.

The case of the laptop has dents, scratches and sticky glue on the edges. The original protective film has been already removed and put back with dust particles and air bubbles trapped under it.

All wrapping plastic bugs, clearly has been used somewhere else. And generally you can see that the item was re wrapped.

As usual in these cases, customer service is rubbish, just completely ignore what you are saying to them. I phoned them about 15-20 times while was trying to get things sorted. Just absolute ignorance and time wasting. And it's not free

as well.

When you ask for a refund, they take 10% of item cost out of it. And it's impossible to proof to them that delivered item is not as described.

If you'll plan to go to the court, take a very-very good pictures of item before you'll post it back.

Of course they do sell good items as well, but before making decision of dealing with them just google "laptopsdirect reviews" and you'll see that it's not just me. You'll find hundreds of unhappy people.

People, avoid and good luck with your online purchases.

  alanrwood 13:59 26 Feb 2013

Did you buy it mail order. If so you have the statutory right to refuse the product for 7 days after receipt in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations. They must also refund your original price in FULL together with any carriage cost you paid for them to deliver it to you. You must however inform them within 7 days although the product does not need to be with them within that time limit.

They are also breaking the law by selling a second hand item as new. Take lots of photos and take them to a small cl;aims court. You should win on the basis of what you have said and you will get all your costs refunded.

  spuds 18:14 26 Feb 2013

Perhaps more information might help?.

When did you purchase the item?

Did you purchase via credit or debit card?.

Have you contacted CAB or Trading Standards?.

You say that they take 10% out of the refund. Can you provide more information. Was this a restocking fee or for something else?.

  Forum Editor 18:20 26 Feb 2013

alanrwood's advice is correct - you may reject an item within 7 days of the date of delivery (by contacting the supplier by email) without providing a reason. The supplier may not make any deduction from a full refund.

If you are outside the 7 day period you can still demand a refund on the grounds that the machine was 'not as described', i.e. it was not new and unused, but you must again notify the supplier by email - a telephone call is not sufficient.

You should only use the small claims court process as a last resort - the court would expect you to provide evidence that you had used all other means to get your refund from the supplier before it would rule in your favour.

  dondyndyron 19:06 26 Feb 2013

Thanks for everybody's advise.

I bought it by debit card two weeks ago.

Yes, 10% is a restocking fee. It looks like they have it in their terms and conditions.

everything you write to them they just ignore it, nobody cares there. Then you call them, nobody cares again.

Their only answer was: "do whatever you want, sir"

Unfortunately I haven't dove very good quality, detailed photos before returning the item as never had so bad experience. Now I learned the lesson and will be more consistent in gathering evidence against such businesses.

  woodchip 21:29 26 Feb 2013

if you paid by credit card you can get your money back

  alanrwood 21:57 26 Feb 2013

Very sorry you had such a bad experience. I would personally take this further as a restocking fee when they have basically broken the law is inexcusable.

At least go to Trading Standards

  Forum Editor 22:43 26 Feb 2013

"10% is a restocking fee. It looks like they have it in their terms and conditions"

They can have it in their terms and conditions if they like, but they cannot legally take a restocking fee if they sold you something that was not as described. I suggest that you write to the company by email, and tell them that we have advised you of your rights under current consumer law. Tell them that the laptop was not as described, and that you want a full refund.

Unfortunately your bank will not become involved unless it has elected to voluntarily provide you with protection for debit card purchases, but that doesn't matter. If what you say about the machine's condition at the point of delivery is correct you have a legal right to a refund.

Tell the supplier what I have said, and please post back in this thread when you have a response to your email - or if you get no response.

  spuds 10:43 27 Feb 2013


You will most likely find some help and advice or letter templates from: or

The Consumer Association (Which) would also help, but you might need to be a subscriber.

The CAB have now taken over the role of the previous Consumer Direct which the government disbanded.

The above links are for England, if you live elsewhere in the UK, you might need to check more local for CAB or advice. You might also find that in your area there might be a 'free' Legal Advice Centre or similar (usually very busy), possibly funded by the local council or charities.

  dondyndyron 12:33 27 Feb 2013

@Forum Editor

Thanks for your help. They are completely refuse to accept the facts that I'm giving to them for proofing that item is not new in my opinion. I would like to share some photos I have done. I have taken them straight after opening the box.

I'll try to send them another email pointing to an advise you are giving me here. Let you know what's happened after that.

Thanks a lot for you help everyone.

  spuds 12:44 27 Feb 2013

Just opened the above link, and I am not receiving the photograph, unless you have to use the register or download tags on the website?.

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