Domain renewal scam

  Chris3nt 20:12 17 Sep 2004

I received a letter the other day from a company claiming to be the Domain Registry Service, requesting I send £60 to renew my domain.

As I subscride to 1&1 for my hosting the cost of my domain is no where near that ammount.

I sent a message to 1&1 requesting clarification and their response was as I expected, they cover everything.

So who is Domain Registry Services of Office 6, 154 Church End, Cambridge CB1 3LD and were do they get the nerve to request (no demand) £60.

Scam or what.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:47 17 Sep 2004

News 17/09/2004

* Watch out for emails or invoices from the "EU Domain Registry" or the "Domain Registry Service" or "The Domain Registry of America".. Don't click links on any email from them. Ignore any letters from them. Don't send them money!!!
* Don't open attachments that come with email unless you know what is in them.Mydoom, Sasser and Netsky viruses are still very active.

click here


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Companies with websites are being told to ignore spam emails warning that their domain names are about to expire.
Domain names should not cost £60 a year

According to Nominet, an official web address registration service, the bogus emails demand money to extend the life of the domain name, at prices several times higher than the going rate.

.com and .org addresses are no strangers to the scam, but Nominet says the scammers are branching out to other addresses, and that these should be on their guard.

In particular, the group is warning about a company calling itself the 'Domain Registry Service'. It charges £60 for a bogus one-year renewal, £140 for five years and £270 for ten.

"If you have any doubts about the validity of an invoice, please contact your existing registration agent who will be able to advise you," said a spokesperson for Nominet.

It says it has received 50 complaints about the scam for internet service providers and small businesses. SMEs are targeted because they usually have less time and fewer dedicated personal to check the emails.

According to the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), businesses are more at risk from fraudsters during summer months.

It says criminals target companies when they think senior members of staff are likely to be on holiday, and when less experienced staff will be dealing with invoices and bills.

For more information on the domain name scam go to: click here

  Diodorus Siculus 21:49 17 Sep 2004

click here

Following concerns expressed by many of our customers, Nominet UK, the .uk Internet registry, is alerting registrants (domain name holders) to be aware of bogus invoices being distributed by an organisation called "Domain Registry Services."

Registrants have been receiving a 'Notice of Expiration' invoice from Domain Registry Services, which infers that it is the Registry for those domain names. The notice states that the registrant stands to lose their domain name unless the invoice is settled. The sums being demanded are many times what Nominet would charge a registration agent (seller of domain names) for registering a .uk domain name.

These false invoices have been issued to owners of .com and .org domain names in the past, but Nominet UK has recently received information that this scam has spread to names as well.

Nominet UK advise all .uk domain holders to be careful when checking correspondence regarding the expiry of their domain names. If you have any doubts about the validity of an invoice, please contact your existing registration agent who will be able to advise you.

Nominet UK is also investigating where this organisation has obtained its lists of .uk information, and is co-operating with trading standards officers to deal with this matter.

  Chris3nt 22:46 17 Sep 2004

Thanks for your responses, I'm glad that my sence of smell is as sharp as every (for rodents).

I felt that there was something wrong as the letter did not have all the proper details and there wasn't a Web Address which did seem odd.

I do think that there needs to be a better way of informing people about this sort of thing.

Thanks again.

  spuds 11:31 18 Sep 2004

As a customer of 1&1,I have many domains registered via their services. 1&1 will notify you when your domain is ready for renewal.Low prices as per their website.

  Urotsukidoji 11:27 23 Sep 2004

to read this article....

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