Does NIS 2005 Parental Control Work Properly?

  Mr W. 20:00 08 May 2005

I've just upgraded Norton Antivirus 2003 to Internet Security 2005.

The cost of the upgrade was only about £10 more than re-newing the AV subscription - so it seemed like good value.

One of the things which tempted me to go to NIS 2005 was the Parental Control option - but it doesnt seem to work very well.

I've set a "test" account on my XP PC to "child" in NIS and then tried to test it. I did a google search to pull up a list of "dodgy" sites - and I would say that Parental Control is only blocking about half of them.

It seems to work based on a downloaded list of inappropriate URLs. I expected it to do some sort of content filtering based on words on the web pages.

Has anyone else suffered from these problems ?

Or does it work well for you - and maybe I've not got it configured properly?

  Pooke100 20:54 08 May 2005

from what i know it filters the url like you said, if chat is in the url for instance it will block it. If you know specific sites you don't want people on type them in manually.

  Mr W. 10:42 10 May 2005

So - it looks like this product is pretty much useless then. If it only blocks 50% of sites you might as well not bother with it at all.

Allowing the functionality to block specific sites is OK - but I think most parents would want a tool which automatically stops access to all dodgy sites.

They will never acheive this using the URL approach - they need to move to an approach whihc blocks web pages based on keyword content.

  Pooke100 10:50 10 May 2005

I only used it for when my sister was round at my house to stop going on the usual rubbishy sites she goes on. After a while I ditched Norton all together, now use AVG free and sygate firewall. Never had to look at it from a parental point of view.



  wiz-king 11:02 10 May 2005

if you use the 'right' words you could make any site non-child friendly and not show up as such. Thats why spam filters can only cope with filtering out the most obvious spam. Try writing an email including the well known words in Latin or a lesser known language and see if your email filter takes it out. If you were to filter out all sites that contain the word 'cock' for instance the the plumbers of this world would not be able to shop online.

  BEN MARSHALL 16:37 13 May 2005

Net Nanny is a world remnown product and leading its feild of online saftey with

*Pre loaded site blocking.

*Key Word Filters.

*IM Filters.

*Program Controls.

*Password Protected Net Nanny settings.

*live update for its dater base.

*User Settings.

*Add your own HTML to block or allow list.

*Internet restriction times (optional) so as say your 10 year old daughter uses the web and has to be in bed for 8:30 the internet will disconect he then so if you leave her with a Baby sitter she wont stay up all nite playing internet games.

*People wont be able to go on banned sites.

*The local Administrator of netmanny will be alerted when a baned site of word or phrase is enterd!

*Set personal message for net surfer to read instead of the NetNanny default blocked screen!

*Block file or Video or audio formats fron being downloaded and specify sites where its alowed!


see there site click here its about £40.00

but well worth it!


  BEN MARSHALL 16:49 13 May 2005


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