does new cpu=new os installation?

  cbradley857 21:53 16 Nov 2007

ok, so i plan to buy a new CPU, GPU, and RAM soon. I will be keeping the original mobo installed. Will this mean i have to reinstall my OEM windows, and will it prevent me from being able to activate it again?

  Zopah 22:01 16 Nov 2007

From what I've read, the Windows installation uses a profile for your computer, and this is based around the mobo, as that is the part that rarely needs to be changed.
Sometimes, Windows wont allow you to activate due to hardware changes, and then you just have to phone their hotline.

However, generally, replacing the CPU, GPU and RAM on a machine that is a few years old is generally more expensive than buying a new one.
Your call at the end of the day, but, you can get some nice deals for under £500 nowadays.

  cbradley857 22:22 16 Nov 2007

nah, im only 15 so i havnt got that kind of money, but i can get 2gb of ram, a 2.2ghz athlon 64, and a decent 512mb GPU for around 100, and its all i really need

  pj123 14:31 17 Nov 2007

I don't see any problem with that.

But if I was doing it I would add the units one at a time.

Add the extra RAM and run the PC for a week or so. If it runs OK add the Graphics and let it run for another week. If it is still OK change the CPU.

If something goes wrong, at least you would know which component caused it.

  cbradley857 14:33 17 Nov 2007

ok thanks for the help, ill try that

  Totally-braindead 17:49 17 Nov 2007

Assumming its XP you have it shouldn't fail the validation because the board is the same but if it did you wouldn't need to reinstall windows. If it failed validation and you did reinstall windows it would just fail again.

All you have to do if it did fail validation is contact Microsoft and explain that the old CPU blew up and this is what you could get as replacement and they would validate it again.

I did the validation by phone the last time I had to do it and it was a bit long winded but once done thats it.

If you change the motherboard they might refuse to validate it and reinstalling windows wouldn't help as above it would just fail again.

  cbradley857 18:19 17 Nov 2007

ok thnx

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