madmonk 20:44 22 Nov 2004

I purchased Half Life 2 then spent the next 20 hours or more trying to validate it. It's not mentioned on the packaging that a major part of the game has to be downloaded. Effectively it doesn't do what it says on the packet, which I thought was a breach of the sale of goods act.
Anyone know if that's right or wrong?

PS I beleive the gold version comes with a free bottle of prozac.

  iscanut 21:05 22 Nov 2004

I agree that it is not clear on paclaging, but no part of the game is downloaded by connecting to Steam. It is just a way od validating a legit copy. Sorry it took 20 hours ! After a couple of abortive attempts ( due to problems with Steam's servers ), I validated in 15 mins or so, regitsered and was then playing.

  spuds 21:06 22 Nov 2004

Consult with the trading standards available to you. They will have the answer.

  Sir Radfordin 21:55 22 Nov 2004

Even if the answer to your question is yes what difference is it going to make? I bet somewhere on the package or in the EULA which you should be able to see before installing the game it will state that you have activate the product in the way you have experienced.

In the grand scale of things 20 hours should be seen as 20 hours of life gained and not 20 hours in front of a computer screen ;)

  BITS&BOBS 21:56 22 Nov 2004

Took me 5 mins and the guy in game adv me of the process and need for net connection to play.

And with my 6800 GT it was worth it.

  Forum Editor 23:37 22 Nov 2004

How's that then?

What does it say it will do?

  Cook2 00:32 23 Nov 2004

Sale of Goods Act says it must be of merchantable quality and fit for its purpose.

You won't know that until you have validated it.

  Sir Radfordin 09:18 23 Nov 2004

And the purpose of a computer game is what exactly?

  Starfox 18:46 24 Nov 2004
  Cook2 18:55 24 Nov 2004

And the purpose of a computer game is what exactly?

'Frustration' maybe? So now all we have to know is if it's of Merchantable Quality. </;))

  Urotsukidoji 10:50 25 Nov 2004

unfortunatly it appears that the way HL2 is validated is the next stage in anti piracy "war" that is ongoing.

It does say on the box a net connection is required. however the only thing you d/l when you register the product is the decryption keys to unpack the software you have installed.

it does take a while to decrypt, took me 30 mins but my system is old now :'(

it is a bloody good game though!

enjoy it!

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