does canon over charge british customers

  NORFOLK SPARKY 17:26 19 Oct 2003

I have just come back from a holiday in the states over there canon are charging $899 for the new digital camera eos 300d known as the rebbel 300d over there, here they are asking £899.This seems a bit big a differance even allowing for currancy variations. computers were the same ie $800 over the pond £800 here

  Forum Editor 17:46 19 Oct 2003

for a very long time.

  ramelton 18:27 19 Oct 2003

It sometimes pays to order from a US source and pay in dollars. It depends on the exchange rate at the time.

  fitfella29 18:40 19 Oct 2003

doesnt every major company rip us off over here its not just canon.

  Wilham 19:44 19 Oct 2003

I know it doesn't wipe out the difference but prices displayed in the States do not include local tax, in UK they usually do.

  wags 20:22 19 Oct 2003

It's the same with a vast range of goods, inc. CDs, clothes, food....etc etc.

  davidg_richmond 20:24 19 Oct 2003

Theres loads of differences in costs between the US and UK, so while goods such as these and clothes are a lot cheaper, housing and finance is a lot dearer. A lot of ex-pats in the US say it all evens out, but it remains worthwhile for us to order goods from there.

The EU is trying, if memory serves, to get non-EU companies to charge destination VAT on goods sent to the EU - i.e. we will pay 17.5% VAT on goods ordered from non-EU countries. I don't know whether this has been put in place yet or if it has any chance of succeeding.

  davidg_richmond 20:35 19 Oct 2003
  davidg_richmond 20:38 19 Oct 2003

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