Does BT have a high level complaints dept?

  ened 17:27 14 Aug 2008

Because I have an ongoing problem and in desperation I have informed them I cancelled my Direct Debit.

I tried calling and asking about comnplaining but all I managed to obtain was a general address in Durham. I have tried writing to this place before and not even had a reply.

Within 12 hours of informing them that I cancelled my DD I was contacted from India and today I was called again (fourth time), despite my asking to be called by someone who both speaks and understands English.Today I was told there was no one except the Indian call centre who will ever sort out my problem.

I cannot afford to have my line disconnected but I need to speak to somebody about getting my bill corrected as was promised to me in March.

  Stuartli 18:21 14 Aug 2008

Write to the chairman, Sir Michael Rake, at:

click here

Address near the bottom, plus other links available.

Mark it Private and Confidential or similar.

Also see:

click here

  josie mayhem 19:30 14 Aug 2008

Yes there is a higher complaints department that you can contact... I can't remeber the number, but it should be somewhere on there site or in the phone book...

  Stuartli 23:57 14 Aug 2008

Perhaps it's on the seventh floor....:-)

  Stuartli 23:57 14 Aug 2008

If you can complain at a higher level than the chairman of BT then it will be of interest to know....

  ened 06:28 15 Aug 2008

I'm on to that today.

I do know what josie mayhem means though because I am bound to be passed back down the line.

  961 09:18 15 Aug 2008

Chairman's Office 0207 356 5000

  frenchman96 09:29 15 Aug 2008


the level I used in the end was to cancel BT who I was with for years and join O2 and I am so happy.

O2 have been nothing but highly professional since I joined in one of their shops.

Shop one day/joined/2 days later welcome pack and router(free) and what do I have/>>>>

Trouble free BB/uk helpline/free helpline 24/7 and it cost me £7.50 per month.

If BT can afford to ignore the many, many people who complain about customer service, they dont deserve to stay in business. If ever I have a fault with my landline (these battery phones you can walk around with) unlike the old days and engineers calling, I dread calling them, rant over

  dms_05 16:30 15 Aug 2008

On the advice of this Forum I wrote to the Office of the Chairman of BT and was eventually contacted by a BT employee who obviously was responsible for complex problems. The lady concerned worked hard on the problem and it was resolved to my satisfaction some weeks later. So the Office of the Chairman is the place to start.

I also had a problem with British Gas and took the same route. I was contacted by a BG Dept in Cardiff and given a personal contact who followed the very complex problem through to a solution and then sent a large bunch of flowers to say sorry (well done Lisa!).

So the Office of the Chairman is a great place to start with any Utility Company. And do it in writing.

  ened 17:57 15 Aug 2008

During my pitiful time with Tiscali I wrote to whoever it was at the top of the company. The result was that I was contacted by the 'Director of High Level Complaints'. The remainder of my time with them I was able to sort things out with minimal bother merely by contacting him direct.

This was the purpose of this thread and I have written to the chairman and shall wait and see.

frenchman96 For a variety of reasons I don't feel I want to leave BT. I have been considering this for some time but in the end it seems the best option is to stay with them.

  josie mayhem 22:15 15 Aug 2008

I was typing my reply and took a break so missed your post!

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