Does Black Friday Exist In The Gaming PC Industry?

  GTX45 12:26 15 Nov 2015

Hi all!

Just wondered if any of you kind lovely people here could answer the following :)

Can you pick up a bargain on Black Friday or Cyber Monday when shopping for a Gaming PC.

Will you see massive discounts with Cyberpower, Alienware, Novatech e.t.c like you see with consoles?

An answer would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers guys

:) ;)

  spuds 14:33 15 Nov 2015

In possible answer to your question, there will be some bargains, possibly on a first come- first served basis. But you would need to look around for them, perhaps in your own location of the country. Google might be a starting point!.

You might be able to pick something from this link direction to other possible offers from various sources click here

  wee eddie 16:10 15 Nov 2015

Most of the bargains will be last year's models. Not the bleeding edge machines

  [email protected] 09:16 19 Nov 2015

Although it's worth spending some time over the internet, get the deals from the big brands like Amazon, eBay (precisely for such occasions) but I always prefer to give a look to some of the smaller traders like click here, click here and some others (since there's always a chance to get best of the deals from them). But again, you could hardly manage to find any valuable discount on latest products.

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