Does anyone use eismann foods?

  The Brigadier 10:43 16 Oct 2008

Heard a lot about them, does anyone use them at all?

  spuds 11:51 16 Oct 2008

Cannot recall having used them, but most supermarkets have stocked the brand at one time or another, don't know if they still do.

Why the interest?.

  €dstowe 13:14 16 Oct 2008

The old lady down the road used them but, now she isn't shy about asking us to take her to the local farm shops and into Chichester to do her shopping, she has given them up. According to her the food is ordinary and quite expensive.

The company is a franchise and a lot depends on the keenness of the franchisee how good their stuff is - such as has it been refrozen.

  Noels 13:16 16 Oct 2008

We (my wife and I)used their home delivery service.We received an order form one delivery, took delivery with another order form for the next time. They were convenient and good quality but from what I remember rather expensive. Which is why we stopped using them.

  hssutton 15:34 16 Oct 2008

As already mentioned, good quality, although little on the expensive side. I stopped using them about 4 years ago.

  spuds 18:02 16 Oct 2008

Think I may have made a boo boo. Might have got the name mixed up with that 'Through the keyhole' chap ;o)

  OhBeardedOne 09:01 17 Oct 2008

They are based in Germany. We have used them for some years, with varying service depending upon who has the round at the time. Food is generally very good, although some items are rather expensive for what you get. Pick carefully and they are very good. We like the bags of frozen sausages.

  laurie53 09:15 17 Oct 2008

Never heard of them.

Are they a retailer or a brand name?

  FreeCell 17:55 17 Oct 2008

We use them, have done for more than six years. Had a delivery today!

They are a home delivery service of frozen foods and only sell their own branded goods. Never seen them in any other retail outlet. As OhBeardedOne says they are German and some of their food is sourced there but by no means all. Delivery system is through a franchise but foods sourced centrally. Range covers a full spectrum of foods and there are special ranges for Easter, Christmas etc.

We tend not to go for the meat products, partly because of high quality of local butcher, but pastry, products, ice creams all good quality, though as others say perhaps on the expensive side. If you prefer ready meals then Wiltshire Farms are an alternative.

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