Does anyone here use Quickbooks?

  STEVE71163 21:48 08 Mar 2003

I wonder if anyone can give some advice? I run a small business and am looking for an accounting package. Is their anyone out their that use Quickbooks and if their is, Is it easy to use? Will i need any training? Are you happy with the package?

Many Thanks

  Forum Editor 23:10 08 Mar 2003

I've used it for some time, and have found it to be an excellent accounting package.

You won't need any formal training, there are some excellent wizards, and you'll pick it up quite easily. Quickbooks will do everything that a small to medium sized business needs in the way of accounting, with VAT tracking and Payroll. It will also manage bank accounts, print cheques, track customer accounts, and a hundred other things.

I use the Pro version, and recommend it if you have a payroll to manage.

  Beth 00:01 09 Mar 2003

I did a temp job where the change was made from manual to Quickbooks. It's a good package and easy enough to use once it's up and running. You might need help from your accountant to set up the chart of accounts but it's the same with any accounting software.

If you haven't already, have a look at the Quickbooks site. It's really good.

  Simsy 00:30 09 Mar 2003

I bought, and still use, Quicken 2000 Standard, a couple of years ago. Included on the CD is a demo version of Quickbooks.

I presume the current version of Quicken has the same "feature". Whether it has or not, this would suggest that a demo version is available from somewhere.

good luck,



  STEVE71163 07:03 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for the replys. I think i will go and buy tommorrow as i really would like to get my accounts computerised. I just hope i can get my head around it!

  STEVE71163 10:29 09 Mar 2003

Does anyone know any simplyfied books on Quickbooks?

  Totally-braindead 10:38 09 Mar 2003

One of my friends has a chip shop and he uses Quickbooks, he is not by any means a computer expert and finds it extremely easy to use so I don't think a book is really necessary. However I'm 99% sure I saw a "Dummies" guide in my local library, if it wasn't that then it was an "Idiots" guide. I don't mention these as any sort of insult by the way, these are what they are called and excellent books they are too. So try the library, the books can be quite expensive and borrowing them is a much cheaper option.

  STEVE71163 10:43 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for that. I will give the library ago.

  Totally-braindead 10:43 09 Mar 2003

Just had a look click here are doing Quickbook 2002 and 2003 for £12.34

  STEVE71163 10:46 09 Mar 2003

Thanks I think for £12.34 its worth buying even as a reference guide.

  Forum Editor 12:01 09 Mar 2003

that Amazon are not able to supply Quickbooks 2002, and the regular version of Quickbooks 2003 is £119:00.

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