Does anyone actually use HyperOS........?

  Diemmess 17:43 25 Sep 2004

If you do, what do you think of their tech support?........... Currently, I find it to be non-existent.

  rdave13 19:22 25 Sep 2004

What is it?

  Diemmess 20:02 25 Sep 2004

What is HyperOs ? ------ A windows management system, which allows several versions of Windows on separate partitions.

There's lots more, but as leo49 pointed out in an earlier thread, with XP being a more established system now, why bother.

My bother is that as a user, the firm seem to have lost interest in supplying any sort of tech support for HyperOs.

  rdave13 21:02 25 Sep 2004

Why have partitions?

  JonnyTub 21:12 25 Sep 2004
  JonnyTub 21:13 25 Sep 2004

although my link is a step by step guide to partitioning it's also a fairly good explanation for you question.

  Diemmess 07:16 26 Sep 2004

I have run this and a related thread for nearly a week and think I must be living in a distant and slightly weird world.

I have had answers of a sort, but by the limits of my question - none.

  leo49 11:53 26 Sep 2004

Today I take as my text....

Lo, there was a lone voice crying in the wilderness.......... :o)

  Taran 12:16 26 Sep 2004

I've played with HyperOS, like you do, but decided that it offered me no real benefits for the way in which I work and so it is relegated to one development PC which is often used as a sacrificial system to test software.

I've also never had to take advantage (?!?) of their tech support and so I have no basis for comparison for you. Sorry.

I'd imagine that HyperOS is so specialised and that so few people are actually using it (at least as far as the forum membership is concerned) that your question will continue to run unanswered.

Aside from observations on the lousy tech support, what seems to be the problem ?

  Forum Editor 12:41 26 Sep 2004

I've experimented with HyperOS, but found there were no real advantages as far as my working life was concerned, so I moved away from it. I suspect that there are many people like me, and that's why there's such a lack of technical support - not enough people using the software.

  powerless 14:25 26 Sep 2004

Ask "the man".

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