Do you use for print cartridges!.

  spuds 11:11 12 Nov 2004

I am trying to source difficult to obtain printer cartridges, and I have come across this site click here who seem to have stock of my requirements. Have you any knowledge or had dealings with them.What is their service like.One thing that I found strange was their pricing procedures, as it would appear that their compatibles and originals are quoted at the same 'low' price.

ChoiceStationary and the usual recommended suppliers are unable to help due to high stock shortages of the particular type and brand of the printer cartridge that I am seeking.Even my regular sourcing as stopped doing compatibles due to empty cartridge supplies.I would point out that I am only interested in information about ijtdirect.Would have placed this query in Helproom but thought that ConsumerWatch would have been more appropriate.

  spuds 20:12 12 Nov 2004


  spuds 17:07 13 Nov 2004

^^Is there anyone who deals with this company^^:o(

  spuds 11:47 14 Nov 2004

It would seem as though no one is using this company.In for a penny,in for a pound,just going to place an order and see what arrives.

Green ticked.

  Fletcher bravo 21:13 16 Nov 2004

I work for IJTdirect

We have 3 websites, but is the cheapest of the 3.

Free delivery and you also get free gifts AS WELL

The website is mainly aimed at the private user and not businesses.

We also offer a full monay back guarantee if you are not happy with your carts

What have you got to loose?

In the commercial sector we are known as Inkjets and Toners and we have over 60,000 corporate clients

  spuds 11:40 17 Nov 2004

Thanks for the response. A couple of questions that I hope you can answer.[1] Checking the biz. website, I found that the pricing was a little confusing,as it would appear that the compatibles and manufacturers originals are listed at the same price.Is this correct. [2]"you also get free gifts AS WELL".I didn't seem to find this mentioned on the section of the site covering the cartridges that I require.Can you please confirm what these free gifts are, and how do you obtain them.Perhaps a referal to the section regarding free gifts will answer my question.Regards spuds.

  Fletcher bravo 21:55 17 Nov 2004

Sorry I do apologise.

When the websites were first launched they were offering a free parker pen with the first order but we have now removed this in favour of free delivery.

Please could you let me know which products are confusingly priced and I can get this matter looked in to.

The compatible carts should be listed at the top of each page and the OEMs at the bottom.

It is always good to get constructive critism


Fletcher Bravo

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