Do you need an EPC?

  LastChip 00:18 05 Dec 2014

Do you need an EPC (energy performance certificate)?

If you do, be very careful of First Choice EPC - NOTHING to do with the holiday company of a similar name.

They advertise discounted rates and prominently 1-3 days delivery. They also tell you you don't pay until the assessment is done. My credit card was charged the same day as I ordered. What they don't tell you is (until you read the small print in their terms and conditions), is it can take up to 28 days to complete, so one is left to assume the 1-3 days is from the assessment to delivery.

They have also so far, failed to respond to the email I sent them (other than an automatic acknowledgement).

Yes, I was conned in as much as I read the headlines and didn't bother much with the small print - who does?

The way they write their terms and conditions could make it arguable as to whether you're entitled to a refund or not on cancellation, even though we have the distance selling regulations in the UK. When you read the terms and conditions regarding cancellation, they're full of charges for 'this and that' almost in a threatening manner.

It turns out they are domiciled in Spain, but are a UK registered company (which I did check) so I guess my perception is, another boiler room operation knowing that most of the fees paid won't ever get back to their victims if they cancel.

Frankly, it's a really clever operation and even the most careful persons can be misled.

I'm not saying don't use them, or that they don't (ultimately) deliver. But if you use them, do it with your eyes wide open and make sure you have sufficient available time to wait.

If you're prepared to wait, who knows, perhaps they deliver as promised. Me? I can't wait that long, so lesson learned.

I'd be interested to know (in the interests of a balanced thread) if anyone else has had a positive experience with this company.

If I have something more positive to say about this company over the next few days/weeks, I'll be sure to report back.

  Forum Editor 07:58 05 Dec 2014

"Yes, I was conned in as much as I read the headlines and didn't bother much with the small print - who does"?

You weren't conned. By your own admission you didn't bother to read the terms and conditions before you committed. You can hardly blame anyone but yourself in those circumstances.

"I guess my perception is, another boiler room operation knowing that most of the fees paid won't ever get back to their victims if they cancel."

That may be your perception, but you don't 'know' anything of the sort.

  LastChip 13:43 05 Dec 2014

FE, you're correct and I admitted it in my post. However, the advertising (in my view) is misleading and the purpose of this post was to make others aware of what this company really offer.

By contrast, I contacted a local company this morning and they're doing it tomorrow morning - less than 24 hours after my contact and I pay the assessor when he turns up. That's what I would call a 1-3 day service and providing it materialises, a damn good one at that.

Burying the real deal in a companies terms and conditions is misleading.

I wonder how many times you buy on-line and read all the terms and conditions before you complete your purchase? But perhaps unlike me, you're perfect.

One can almost always see the errors in their ways in hindsight. It's sometimes not quite as easy in foresight when things need to be done quickly.

  spuds 15:06 05 Dec 2014

Looking on the internet, there appears to be an awful lot about this company. In the main it seems more of a warning than providing any compliments.

Here's one to perhaps read. click here

  LastChip 12:24 15 Dec 2014

OK, to finalise this thread (and then I'll tick it as resolved).

My "new" assessor did turn up on time (Saturday morning), was friendly but remained professional throughout and I considered did a perfectly acceptable assessment.

I had the assessment via email that evening - around 36 hours from first contact.

What came to light however was this:

he asked me if I'd instructed anyone else to which I replied no, as by then I'd tried to cancel First Choice EPC. Then he explained "I've seen this job being touted on the internet". To which I explained what had happened. It turns out First Choice EPC take your money and then try and find an assessor to do the job for £30! No variation (he says) whether it's a five bedroom property or a studio flat. His view was no one is going to take the job for that money. He told me no one he knows will work for them. And members, just be advised he told me, they are not the only ones on the Internet doing the same thing.

So the only conclusion I can draw is you're likely to wait a very long time for First Choice EPC!

First Choice EPC? I'll write it off and put it down to experience and foolishness.

My advice (though I'm not in much of a position to give it), find a local assessor and contact them directly.

The moral of the story, slow down when you're in a hurry (rushing often ends in tears) and the old adage if it seems to good to be true, it probably is!

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