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Do you know a good audit management software?

  FameRuiz 03:50 15 Jul 2016

Hi everyone. I only need your software suggestions. I need this for an audit management of our restaurant business. We need something that could increase our being efficient in the entire internal audit process. It will be good if it could check plans with history of risk mitigation. I'm also doing a research online but I need an additional opinion from anyone who is knowledgeable about it. Do you know a reliable provider ? I will appreciate your related information about it.

  wee eddie 13:30 15 Jul 2016

From personal experience of Restaurant Control Software, that I ran in my restaurant. Unfortunately quite a while ago.

More time was needed to enter the required information that one could possibly have gained in efficiency savings.

Can't advise you but we decided that improved communication and training was the best way forward. It was an expensive experiment as the initial Contract was for 3 years.

Such software may have improved over the years but I would advise you to calculate the Operating costs before you go ahead. it might work if you have a Chain of restaurants with a relatively small number of inputs

  FameRuiz 00:23 17 Jul 2016

Thanks, wee eddie.

Getting an audit management software can get quite expensive depending on the software you choose to set up but can you happen to share how much the contract you got was for?

I'm looking at 3-4 software as of the moment and wanted to see which one has a reasonable price when it comes to what my restaurant needs.

  wee eddie 04:53 17 Jul 2016

As I said, we are talking of over a decade ago, so not really applicable today.

The actual cost of the Software was not outrageous. However the ongoing costs of software updates and their service charge, which did not appear huge when I initially read the Contract, on top of the considerable number of hours my Staff needed to put in to get accurate figures turned out to be horrifying and far outweighed any advantages gained.

  emanuelmaruio 05:51 21 Jul 2016

I know that software. It is very useful for peoples it will giving lot of Information for my work. It is very useful for students.

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