Do we need to subscribe to Office 365 ?

  AngieTough 12:31 17 Jun 2015

I am a volunteer for a local charity & my husband has just been selected for 'ad hoc' work a few weeks a year with a large UK company. Both companies send information to their 'staff' using Office 365 attached to emails. We can't open these attachments on our home computer as we don't have Office 365 & the companies say they can't send them in another format and that our completed replies need to be returned in the Office 365 format. Does this mean we have to subscribe to Office 365 just to open these documents? Why do businesses assume that everybody has Office 365 on their home computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:28 17 Jun 2015

What's the file extension (the bit after the dot at the end of the filename) of the attachments you've been sent?

  AroundAgain 16:15 17 Jun 2015

It might be worth downloading (Free) LibreOffice. Then, any documents you create or amend, save as docx (or whatever the file extension that they come in)

In my opinion, no, don't subscribe so that you can open/edit etc their documents. If they want you to do work for them as a volunteer and there is a need for Office, then I would suggest it would be up to them to provide the means, or advise the Free software, eg LibreOffice. As a volunteer, I don't think you should have to pay out in order to do the required work!

Just my penny's worth ;)

  iscanut 20:51 17 Jun 2015

I agree, try the free Libre Office. Link below

click here

  wee eddie 23:05 17 Jun 2015

Have they given you a log-in and a password, by any chance. I have just been looking at several University Sites. they are in a similar position as their Students don't necessarily have it yet.

  BRYNIT 23:57 17 Jun 2015

If you have a Hotmail or Live account you can use Microsoft Office on line from the MSN web site. It allows you to use a basic version of word, excel, Onenote and powerpoint not fully sure how it works. You do get a message on the site stating "By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content, and ads." I assume this is due to it being free to use.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:59 19 Jun 2015

If anyone's interested, here's the reply that the OP posted on another forum:

Thank you everyone for your help. The problem has occurred because, through choice, we use an older version of windows (long story). My husband has since found that he could open the documents on his iphone, although not ideal for completing them & sending back to the organisations due to small screen. After much thought he decided that he would purchase an ipad & deal with them from that (a purchase he was already considering anyway). Thanks again.

  AroundAgain 13:15 19 Jun 2015

Thanks for posting the reply from another forum.

As I'm sure everyone else thinks, it would have been nice, polite even, for the OP to have had the decency to report back. Having said that, if it's been posted in other forums, maybe they have no idea where to get back to!!!

Thanks again, Secret-Squirrel :)

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