Do stores actually stock the items advertised??

  Tim1964 21:27 07 Nov 2008

I've been looking into a 'budget' graphics card and like the look of the GeForce 8400GS 512MB DDR2 PCI-E model. PC World show it on their site for a 'Collect at store' price of under £26 BUT of course it's out of stock in any branch in a 30 mile radius of home. Everywhere else I've looked has the 256Mb version for about the same price.

So, to the point of the post, do stores advertise item for very low prices that they don't have enough/any of just to get you to the site?

It's a bit like when travel agencies used to advertise holidays in the window that didn't exist just to get you inside.

Also. can anyone suggest a decent (not eBay) retailer that I may have missed?

  Joe R 21:45 07 Nov 2008


not much more expensive. click here

  tillybaby 07:31 08 Nov 2008

On numerous occasions I've seen something advertised in Curry's at a very reasonable price, rushed down to our local store and as yet haven't been able to purchase one single item as they've always sold out, in future I will ignore any of these advertisements and save myself the travel cost.

  jack 08:40 08 Nov 2008

Like many 'Sale' item where the legislation states for any item to be shown as 'Reduced' it would have had to be on sale at the higher price else where[The new branch in 'outer Mongolia' for example.
Why these organizations persist in perpetual 'Sales' and similar activities baffles me - surely 'Joe' public must be inured by now.

  papa lazarous 15:34 08 Nov 2008

Looking at the item you can see that it is not available for delivery which means that the website cannot supply it and it is not at any of their distribution centres. The fact that it is still available for [email protected] means that the product is still kicking around in some stores but it looks like it may be end of line.

The card is still available in many stores in my local area (West Midlands) but possibly in not sufficient enough quantities to allow a reservation. There must be enough in stock to allow for stock discrepancies.

  spuds 18:45 08 Nov 2008

I once took this up with DSG about their advertising, then not having goods available at certain stores. Its all to do with logistics and network distribution was their reply. They hope to get it to all or most stores, but some times this is not possible!.

  interzone55 20:13 08 Nov 2008

If you have 200 stores, but only 50 VGA cards what do you do?

If I was Logistics Director of the company I'd look for stores that have had past sales of the product and share them out amongst those stores.

I'd them make sure that it's published on the web-shop or else few people will know they're available.

Much better to sell all the stock at the cost of upsetting a few people who can't get to the stores with stock than have them grow dusty on the shelves.

By the way, I wouldn't bring them back to the central DC for sale on the web because the cost of moving the stock around would wipe out any margin on an end of line product...

  Tim1964 12:55 09 Nov 2008

Thanks for the replies.

I've ordered the card from Play as I've had loads of items from them before and their delivery times are excellent.

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