Do not buy from Ebuyer

  gglstocker 13:38 30 Jun 2014

We made an order online and it was declined. So we placed the order again a few days leter and that was declined also. When we telephoned the company we explained what had happened and the sales advisor told me that she would manually try to reprocess the most recent order. She was told of the full circumstances which had led us to attempt to process two orders. To our shock and surprise, both orders arrived. It took us two months to get Ebuyer to collect the double order and we are still waiting for our refund. Unfortunately, the laser printer which we ordered from Euyer was faulty. We notified them of this but apparently because we did not follow this email up with a phone call to an 0371 number (at £££ per minute) we are no longer entitled to return this faulty printer. They even refused to help us arrange a replacement directly with Lexmark. This company doesnt have a clue how to cultivate loyal commercial customers. it has cost us hundreds of pounds and a lot of time to try and remedy this situation. If you are a one-man band and want cheap electronics and consumables then e-buyer is probably OK, but this company is certainty not Enterprise ready. If, like me, you own a large enterprise, I can only advice you to stay well clear of this company.

  spuds 15:58 30 Jun 2014

I notice that this is the first time you have registered and posted to this forum under the username. It would appear that your problem started more than two months ago or possibly well before that?.

I also find it very interesting that you have stated that this as cost you hundreds of pounds and a lot of time, plus you own a large enterprise company. Taking all that into consideration, I would perhaps suggest that there is more to the issues you have than those you have posted?.

Ebuyer have supplied me with very many items throughout the years, and yes there have been mistakes made. But I have always found that their customer service works very well, when they are approached in a reasonable and fair manner.

Ebuyer would have had 30 days to provide a refund, if that time limit is long past, then take the issue up with your credit card company, if you paid Ebuyer via credit card?.

  morddwyd 19:11 30 Jun 2014

If you own a large enterprise you should get your lawyers to deal with it.

As a boss with overall responsibilities you don't want to be dealing with trivia like this. Your Time is valuable.

  wee eddie 20:13 30 Jun 2014

One wonders what the motive of this Poster's Thread is. He/She has only just joined and this is their first contribution.

That is, apart from a number of inconsistencies in the Thread's Title Posting.

For those of us trying to offer him assistance, I should like to highlight that the Law relating to a Company buying a Product is different to the Law as it relates to an individual buying that Product.

  Forum Editor 14:20 01 Jul 2014

Someone who really does own 'a large enterprise' is not going to waste time posting in a computer help forum over an issue like this.

I have always found Ebuyer to be a pretty easy company to deal with.

  alanrwood 15:25 01 Jul 2014

So have I

  iscanut 19:57 01 Jul 2014

Those of us who have had dealings with EBuyer in the past do not want to be told not to use them merely on one person's experience.

  morddwyd 08:20 02 Jul 2014

I agree. Far better to say "Beware of ......" or "Problems With ........." and let us make our own minds up.

I'm not a big E-buyer user, but I certainly wouldn't avoid them on the strength of what's reported here.

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