Do Mesh Computers hate their customers?

  Rogmur 02:15 08 Nov 2003

I have just acquired a Mesh Matrix PC, and have spent the best part of half an evening trying to register my PC on Mesh website, (essential in order to download hardware manuals and updated drivers).
However, after inputting the serial number and Windows XP code nothing happens. When I sent a message to their Customer Service I received a a bounced back message from mesh "mail delivery error".
Also, I ordered Office XP SBE and they have sent me Works Suite instead, are these people idiots?
Perhaps I should demand my money back???

I would be grateful for any positive feedback/advice

Yours sincerely

  beeuuem 03:22 08 Nov 2003

Make your own mind up click here people swear by the and some swear at them

  sierra 06:26 08 Nov 2003

Send an email to [email protected]

  Forum Editor 08:16 08 Nov 2003

you might get a more positive response from Mesh if you didn't post a thread in a Helproom asking if they're idiots.

sierra's helpful post contained a typo in the email address for Mesh, it should be : [email protected]

And finally.........

This should be in Consumerwatch, I'll move it now.

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