Do i need a Graphics Card for i do ?

  LaphroaigRules 10:02 13 Apr 2017

I want to build a PC but i am finding mixed information if i really need a graphics card for my work.

I am rendering videos in Sony Vegas with ONLY Pictures, text and music

They are long videos and will NOT have any effects or special effects in the video.

Do i really need a Graphics card for faster rendering ?

Or will i have enough with an onboard GPU ?

  wee eddie 10:21 13 Apr 2017

You need a Graphics Card.

To do what you want, the PC will need to be fairly high Specification. Post what you are thinking of including in this thread and someone will tell you if it is suitable.

You are unlikely to save much money by doing a Self Build, but you will have the satisfaction of pushing your boundaries.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:48 13 Apr 2017

I disagree with Eddie - you don't need a discrete graphics card for Sony Vegas so don't waste your money.

The system requirements state that an Intel GPU will be fine, and in fact, the ones found in modern Intel CPUs are very good nowadays.

For the best Vegas performance, concentrate on getting a fast Intel CPU, ideally with four cores, and at least 8GB of RAM.

  wee eddie 13:16 13 Apr 2017

One of the joys of Building your own is that relying on Internal Graphics is going to cost you nothing. If at a later date, you decide that the jog can be speeded up, then you can add a Card.

Without a card, the capabilities of the processor you chose, will be critical

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