Do I Need a Dedicated Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

  morddwyd 11:38 22 Oct 2015

When I last replaced my smoke alarm I bought a combined CO and smoke alarm.

I know it works in both modes as I've had workmen in using solder!

My dedicated CO alarm has now died of old age. Do I really need a dedicated CO alarm or can I safely rely on the dual purpose one?

  Bazzaman 18:45 28 Oct 2015


"but I do find that the one installed in the kitchen, does go off occasionally for no apparent reason"

Coffee (certainly fresh / ground coffee) can set off CO detectors (don't know if the coffee gives off CO or something else that CO detectors confuse with CO). Is it possible that's the cause of your false alarms?

  spuds 09:44 29 Oct 2015


Never even considered that, but as we are not regular coffee drinkers, I cannot see that was the problem.

The only way to stop the alarm, is to remove the batteries, check for voltage capacity, and if they are fine, to re-install later. All is then back to normality, till the next time!.

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