Do i need any more-spy-ware, anti-virus???

  Need4Speed 14:24 14 Apr 2006

Hi, I am currently using Avast anti virus newest version out, bt pop up blocker abd windows defender.

Do I need any more to help combat spyware, etc etc

Looking at spybot search and destroy, shall I use that as well or not, is it any good etc etc

Any Advice

  Need4Speed 14:24 14 Apr 2006

Oh and forgot to say windows defender as well!!

  bremner 14:31 14 Apr 2006

Take a look at this running thread in Speakers Corner click here

You will see a very mixed bag of how much security members use.

  Stuartli 14:31 14 Apr 2006

If you add SpywareBlaster, Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware as well (to cover virtually all areas and all free) and update them regularly, along with the free ZoneAlarm firewall version (if you don't have one - and you should), then you will be pretty well covered.

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