Do I have the right to return a computer within 7

  erkmatrix 12:05 15 Feb 2010

Hi I'm just after some info on returning a PC from a computer manufacturer. I might be wrong but is the law that you have a right to return something bought online within 7 days of receipt of the product.

I've recently got this new PC and they sent it out on the friday the 5th but I got the wrong OS with it so only got that delivered last Wednesday the 10th. I've tried it yesterday and today but it is just not for me. I hate windows 7 now with a passion and just want to send it back. Theres nothing wrong with the machine, it works, its just windows that keeps going wrong when I'm installing software and then the system restore point that I did yesterday is now no where to be seen and just can only see ones it made this morning. I now am so fed up with trying to get it to work I just want my money back.

Can anyone tell me if its possible to return PCs back within 7 days or if its longer I have.

  ame 12:33 15 Feb 2010

I think you can return anything bought online within 7 days of receipt under the Distance Selling Regulations, whether it is faulty or not. However, the OS change kind of confuses which date is relevant. Normally, if you want to return a pc or component, you have to get an RMA number from the supplier first, giving your reasons for return. Who did you buy it from? Is it 64 bit Windows 7? No point going back to Vista (a slow dog) or XP (great, but getting near pensionable age soon) so perhaps the best thing to do is sort out the Windows & software (compatibility?) issues.

  erkmatrix 12:43 15 Feb 2010

Yeah I was thinking just get a Mac, I've found so many issues already in windows like

outlook express not there, so I used windows live mail and imported my outlook express and then they all dissapeared for some reason, hated that, tried thunderbird it too got stuck on importing, then I installed my windows office 2007 and that too worked first then when I tried again it didn't open. so I tried to go back to a system restore I created yesterday when it was all working fine and all it came up with was 3 points from this morning and no option to do anything else from yesterday and the day before when it should have points. Absolute rubbish in my eyes so yeah I guess mac owners too have issues but I'm sure not as many so I just want to ditch windows altogether as I did love xp but as you say its too old now.

oh and another damn irratating thing it does, keeps soying will need to update, drives me mad.
sorry for the rant. just had to get it off my chest.

I bought from chill blast and its the 64-bit version of windows 7

  GaT7 13:13 15 Feb 2010

UK DSR info about cancellations & returns click here & click here.

Read Chillblast's T&C's click here, especially the 'Items no longer required' section (about half way down the page).

You may not be able to return it for a couple of reasons:
- You have used it
- If it is a personalised spec

Also please note that you'll have to return the PC at your expense, lose the initial delivery fee (which is ~£25 - bit of a rip-off if you ask me) & they may charge you a 15% restocking fee (not sure if this is lawful). Just say you had to pay all of the above - how much will you be out of pocket in total? Are you willing to forfeit this amount to get another system?

I would either resolve the problems as ame suggests, &/or get XP & use the hard drive from your previous PC to run a dual-boot system. G

  spuds 18:06 15 Feb 2010

Within the seven day period (after receiving the item), it give you the option to inform the retailer that you want to send the item back. What it doesn't allow, is for the purchaser to have a 'play around' with the item (including installing additional software), and then reject it, because it didn't come up to later requirements. If the item proves faulty and unworkable, then thats another thing, which is perhaps covered by consumer law, possibly SOGA.

In this case, it looks like the item is acceptable, excluding your non-liking for Windows 7, which was changed on your requests.

Contact the retailer, and see what they suggest.

  ame 20:13 15 Feb 2010

The problem with pc's is, of course, you're unlikely to know there are problems until you install your software (unless it came with a big bundle.) If you still have the original Windows software too(Vista?), you could reinstall that and use it meantime, as there are less likely to be software conflicts or bugs in the system. You can speed Vista up by getting rid of some of the fancy features - click here Discuss issues with Chillblast. Not liking Windows 7, despite any rights of return you have, is not really a fair reason to request a refund IMHO, as it's not Chillblast's fault.

  Forum Editor 00:07 16 Feb 2010

the best and most stable version of Windows I have ever used. If you're having trouble with software installations it may be due to compatibility issues.

I have six machines all told, and Windows 7 runs perfectly on all of them. Every machine runs Office 2010 at the moment, but until very recently three of them were running Office 2007 without a hitch.

Provided your computer was configured from a list of available options on the supplier's website it would have qualified for return under the 7 day rule, but based on what you say that period has already elapsed. To be honest, a two day experience with Windows 7 isn't really a justification for returning a machine that - in your own words - has nothing wrong with it.

  erkmatrix 09:58 16 Feb 2010

I guess its a case of having to give it a go then. I never had Vista and made the leap from xp 64-bit which has served me well. Its a case of finding things which is also a pain. If I lose 15% to restock it , it probably isn't worth it, maybe I could sell on ebay but I'll give it another couple of weeks to try and work through the problems. I've installed openoffice instead of microsoft office which seems ok and managed to find my importing stuff in windows live mail but it put them in a storage folder and doesn't merge accounts like outlook express used to.

New problem now though I rigged my new samsung F3 drive that worked fine in my old pc but in this new machine it says its a drive of 31MB when it should be 1TB. how can that be I formated as it said RAW originally to NTFS, when I click properties in disk management and go to volumes tab it tells me its a Master Boot record partition stle, what does this mean. it says the capacity is 31MB. how can this be, anyone know, but as I say the drive worked fine before.

  Demora 10:39 16 Feb 2010

Not answering your problem but thought you might like this link.

click here

At least you can have a guidebook for free with the basics.


  erkmatrix 12:47 16 Feb 2010

Cheers Demora

I'll have a gander later on and learn some more about this windows 7 beast.

  ame 15:16 16 Feb 2010

Pity you need to Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate to use XP mode!

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