Do I have to pay Sky £20 for a new freecard

  prince midas 15:49 01 Feb 2010

I purchased a card around 2002 for watching sky free programs.
Since then you can watch Freeview but because of bad signal problems I prefer to use Sky.
Now they have said I need to replace my card and are asking £20 to just watch the free programs.Is this legal and correct.

  BRYNIT 16:10 01 Feb 2010

Just remove the card. The only channel you may be missing without the card is channel 5.

  Graham. 16:17 01 Feb 2010

Because you have an existing card I would expect them to supply a new one for free. It's all about the T&C's. Give them a call click here

Of course, you could go to Freesat proper, using the same dish, but you would need a new receiver such as click here;_freesat_Boxes-_-position
or the recording one click here

You can watch HD with those.

  Graham. 16:21 01 Feb 2010

Ideally, with the recording one it will be best to have a twin LNB and additional cable.

  961 17:08 01 Feb 2010

You can watch Freeview free via your rooftop aerial

Equally if you have a satellite dish you can watch most channels free without a card

There are a couple of channels where you still need a card and if you want to watch them you will need to buy a new card every 4 or 5 years

It's perfectly legal

Why not remove the existing card and see if you have a problem (Channel 5 etc)

  PalaeoBill 21:19 01 Feb 2010

The cards are time limited and in the T&C's they have the right to change them from time to time. I'm on my second one now. The first lasted 5 and a half years.

  Kevscar1 22:11 01 Feb 2010

So you have paid 5 1/2p a week for the service and you don't want to pay again. I know there,s a recession on but surely you can afford it.

  howard64 09:43 02 Feb 2010

at the retune last year I was told I needed a new card - When I entered my card no. on line it came up as being a free replacement which I duly received and installed. I think that if I get asked to pay in future that will be my time to go over to the new freesat as suggested by Graham.

  dms_05 11:18 02 Feb 2010

You pay £20 for a Sky Freesat card every 5 years or you pay £100 to switch to Freesat and receive less channels. Why not just watch Freeview on Terrestrial TV with a £20 STB? As Kevscar says 'it's cost you 5 pence per week for the Sky Freesat'. In comparison the cost of BBC is about £2.70 per week'.

  prince midas 11:23 02 Feb 2010

Over 2 months ago I filled in the application for a replacement card which they stated would arrive before the end of January,which I never received.
It was free at the time.
When I reapplied yesterday in February they asked for £20 which considering I only watch free channels via a Sky Dish and satellite aerial I think is disgraceful considering at my age I do not even have to pay for a licence.I get a lousy picture on Freeview so have to stop on Satellite.

  961 12:16 02 Feb 2010

Why not write asking them to investigate the earlier failure to deliver

Unless you have a desire to watch channel 5 and a very small number of other channels your sky system will work perfectly well without a card

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