Do I have a Claim/

  jakimo 14:24 18 Oct 2010

I bought a New zanussi automatic washing machine in Sept.2010

Using the machine for just the second time,a 'Maine New England' polyester\nylon jacket at the setting suggested by the jacket home laundering label was washed,resulting in a cm tear in the outer shell,do I have a claim for compensation,and if so from whom, the coat or machine retailer

  birdface 14:32 18 Oct 2010

I would think not but you never know.
Maybe a claim against the jacket manufacturer.
Ask the shop to renew the jacket maybe the best approach.

If you purchased the Jacket from a retailer in Maine, New England, It might cost considerably more than it's worth taking it back there!

BTW have you felt around in the drum for any sharp or jagged bits?

  onthelimit 14:46 18 Oct 2010

Proof of cause would be the problem

  BRYNIT 15:49 18 Oct 2010

Is this a tear, the seam coming apart or a cut?

Check the washing machine for jagged parts.

If the washing machine had any jagged parts it may have caused more than a cm tear and would possibly have caused damage to other clothing. Have you checked all the clothes that have been washed in the washing machine. If it found to be the washing machine contact retailer.

If the tear is in one of the seams it would be a manufacturing fault, contact the retailer where you purchased the jacket.

If it is away from the seam either a tear or a cut it could have been caused at anywhere and would be difficult to prove.

  wiz-king 16:57 18 Oct 2010

A few years ago one machine was featured on watchdog as being prone to tearing clothes but I cant remember what machine it was!

  morddwyd 20:49 18 Oct 2010

Your difficulty is going to be proving that the damage was not caused by other external means, nigh on impossible without CCTV inside the drum!

  spuds 21:51 18 Oct 2010

You will have a problem in trying to prove responsibility, unless there is a mechanical fault in the drum which you have clear evidence. Perhaps a web search might bring up some information about your particular washing machine.

We had a problem with a dryer, that for some reason 'melted' part of a nylon cover, that was in the drum with other similar items that were not damaged. Contacted the two manufacturer's (mainly as to the reason why) pointing out that we had adhered to their washing instructions, but both were apologetic but could not offer further help or advice. Wasn't worth taking the matter further.

  jakimo 19:29 21 Oct 2010

It seems every one agrees that it would be difficult to lay blame on either party.

As the 12cm tear was not on a seam,and with the jacket costing £70 I thought it should be more durable than its proved to be...but I'll regard it as an unfortunate occurrence

  morddwyd 20:44 21 Oct 2010

Couldn't agree more about durability.

However, your difficulty would be in proving that you didn't catch it on a nail or similar.

A tear is a tear, and could be caused by any number of things (they would say).

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