Do Compatible Ink Cartridges Affect Warranty

  Zion_Lion 00:58 16 Oct 2005

Hi all... I was wondering if someone could clarify what the situation is concerning using compatible printer ink cartridges.
Does using these cartridges affect the warranty on the printer? I like a lot of people buy my goods from choice stationers, and they say that using there replacement cartridges does not affect your printer warranty, but if Epson say that using other brand cartridges will affect your warranty, who's telling the truth?.

  €dstowe 08:22 16 Oct 2005

On an Epson printer, it is Epson who make the rules so, Epson is the final arbiter.

However, independent ink makers are very careful to formulate and produce their ink to the highest standards and it is unlikely that the ink itself would cause a problem.

A supplier like Choice will replace a printer if it can be definitively shown that their ink was the cause of any problems with a printer. By making this claim, it indicates that they are confident in their product.

Almost all problems with the ink side of printers are caused by neglect on the part of the owner. Allowing the printheads to dry out is the most common problem which can be of greater significance with Epson models as the printhead is an intrinsic part of the whole printer, rather than a replaceable item as with many other brands.

  spuds 11:23 16 Oct 2005

In some cases the printer is worth less than the print cartridges, and in using compatibles makes the cost savings more economical.

Companies like Choicestationary would not offer replacement warranties if they thought that their products were not upto good approved quality standards. Referring to Epson,they have brought out their DURABrite ink range, which is [they state] far better than anything else they have produced. I used this ink when I first bought my Epson printer, and now I use compatibles which give me greater savings and a quality that covers my needs.

I just wonder, how many people make a warranty claim on print cartridge results and failures, mechanical or electrical faults including software drivers are the main problems with printer failures nowadays.

  Zion_Lion 11:38 16 Oct 2005

Cheers chaps, I've never known of a printer to fail because of the cartridge either,and I also use compats but never in a new printer, but I will now... thanks.

  €dstowe 12:04 16 Oct 2005

All of my studio inkjet printers use genuine inks because I make the claim in my business literature that I do that.

For personal printing at home, I use Choice Stationery compatibles.

My laser printers both studio and home are B/W and I use refill toner from CartridgeCo.

  fitcher 13:09 16 Oct 2005

who cares about a warrantry . when the inks are dearer than the printer ...just buy another ,I have only ever used compatables ,,pity some one cant invent a cartridge to fit into an epson that had a flexible tube and small funnel attached to it,,(yes I know there is a printer with that facility ,,ie tubes to the cartridges ,,) some firm could make larger cartridges I am sure ,

  €dstowe 13:42 16 Oct 2005

I understand from a colleague that you can buy flexible tube/reservoir devices on eBay. Various models to fit different printers.

  bhcs 15:48 16 Oct 2005

I hate to disagree, but I've had the opposite experience. Had an Epson C82 and when the Epson ink ran out I replaced it with Inktek cartridges, first the black then the colour a few weeks later. A few weeks after that, the black print heads blocked, then a few weeks on the colour ones did the same and I hadn't changed my printing habits or anything like that. After a bit of readin, I foudn that Epson's Durabrite ink supposedly has much smaller particles in it than compatible cartridges, hence the head blockages. I do find it hard to believe that, but it's a very plausible explanation for what happened to my C84. Solution to avoid this again: don't buy an Epson, or any other inkjet where the heads are part of the printer. With HP's and so on you get a new head with a new cartridge...the cost of replacing my print heads is almost the same as a new printer!

  €dstowe 16:14 16 Oct 2005

Did you contact the supplier of these "compatible" cartridges and complain/claim?

I'm not familiar with that brand so I can't comment on the quality but, reputable suppliers will do everything they can - including replacing a printer - if it can be shown that the ink caused the damage/fault being complained about.

  spuds 16:36 16 Oct 2005

I have an Epson C86 which as heavy daily usage. The compatibles that I use cost about 85p each in bundled special offer packages. Never had any problems yet, and the print-outs are perfect for my requirements. The other point that I would highlight, is the fact that I use cheap copier paper from PCW at £9.95 per box of 5 reams, and the combination is fine.

I also have HP,Lexmark inkjets plus a Samsung laser printer and all use compatibles. The warranty situation will not be an issue when the time comes, I will most likely use the printers for spares!.

  Zion_Lion 02:14 17 Oct 2005

Well I suppose that as long as companies like choice live up to what they say and repair/replace your printer if something went wrong that was down to them it doesn't really matter.
fitcher.. A lot of people care about warranty, I mean there are families/people on very low budgets, and who find it a struggle to keep buying consumables and paying for Internet access. And to whom a warranty is vital, as they cant just go out and buy another one if something goes wrong.
bhcs.. A friend has same printer. His warranty has just run out and the same thing has happened to him (with Epson cartridges in) but unfortunately he cant get the heads unblocked, and it was used almost every day. He didn't use it for two weeks and now nothing.
Anyway thanks all for your responses.
Regards ZL

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