Do cheap laser printers come with full toner?

  Widow's Son 13:49 07 Oct 2008

I see some extremely cheap laser printers which seem to cost not much more or even less than a full toner cartridge for example click here

Do these come with a full toner cartridge/ trail partially filled cartridge/ or no cartridge at all?

Thanks in advance for your help

  Picklefactory 14:23 07 Oct 2008

I would be surprised if it didn't include any, but as you've noticed, this particular ad doesn't seem to state anything.
Some of the colour lasers I've been looking at, come supplied with smaller capacity toner cartridges than the full refill. Usually around half the output, but you obviously can't take that as a general rule across all manufacturers.

When in doubt.....ask
Phone PCW.

  €dstowe 14:57 07 Oct 2008

The Samsung and HP low cost laser printers I've had come with toner sufficient for about 1,000 pages. A full cartridge is supposed to print 3,000 - 5,000 pages.

I don't mind this as they're so cheap to refill with toner from independent suppliers. You can refill a cartridge six or seven times before the quality deteriorates such that it is unusable (equates to about 35,000 sheets).

  spuds 15:27 07 Oct 2008

I have a Samsung ML-4500, which as now been superseded by a model number change, and can fully support €stowe's comments.

  Widow's Son 18:17 07 Oct 2008

Their member of staff didn't know and told me he couldn't find out!

I think I've been doing this the wrong way round - I'm going to look for cheap toner & then find a printer to go with it. Thank to all who commented

  Condom 20:58 07 Oct 2008

I'm so pleased to hear that PC World staff training is still up to its usual standard. In my worldly travels it is always a pleasure to go into computer shops and their ilk especially in the USA and the far east. The staff all know what they are talking about and cam give you lots of information about anything you want to buy. In PC World and many others in the UK you get that blank look followed by a Duh duh Duhno.

  Condom 20:59 07 Oct 2008

Buy the way I would never buy anything there anymore but I do love bating them with so simple questions knowing I will never get an answer.

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