Dixons special

  porci 21:48 14 Nov 2003

Hi all
I heard a special on the radio today about something happening at Dixons until Sunday. Cant see anything on the website as its closed for maintenance. Does anyone know what I am talking about/.

  StephShadow 22:04 14 Nov 2003

at Dixons.co.uk but nothing unusual. Maybe it's a Dixons in your local area only?

  porci 22:16 14 Nov 2003

No, I heard something about getting something for a pound, but only one per customer until Sunday.....at least I think I did

  Salinger 22:27 14 Nov 2003

Spend £100 get one of four items for £1.

  Salinger 22:30 14 Nov 2003

.... a PCLine webcam, a Hitachi pocket radio, a Saisho CD player or a remote controlled car kit.

  spuds 22:42 14 Nov 2003

But will they have sufficient stocks available!.

  porci 22:45 14 Nov 2003

Ok, thanks, but dont think I will give Dixons £100 for anything

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:15 14 Nov 2003

Which begs the question, why did you bother wasting your time writng about the offer if you had no intention of buying anything? Triple yawn.


  Starfox 21:05 15 Nov 2003

Don't forget the extended warranty

  Stuartli 08:45 16 Nov 2003

Big ads in the national newspapers detailed the offer.

But porci's final strange comment (and GANDALF <|:-)>'s neat observation) just about sum the thread up....:-)

This may well produce a big yawn from some members of this forum, but may be of use to others. If I am not interested in the content of a thread, then I don't waste my time posting negative comments :)

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