Dixons. Don't you just love 'em?

  jimmylove 19:57 05 May 2004

My 40GB iPod died on me last week - bought it in December from Heathrow T2 Dixons so was still in warranty. Went to Camden store and explained to the manager what had happened. To his credit he said they'd replace it immediately if they had it in stock. He looked and told me they only had the 20GB model and asked me if I'd like that one. Not quite understanding my look of complete astonishment he said again: "We only got the 20GB one in stock - why don't you take that one?". I explained why (not quite believing the conversation) and asked him to find out when the 40GB ones were coming in. He looked on his PC and said that the warehouse had no stock and no ETA but Heathrow had some so I should mail the broken one to them and they would ship one back to me. I asked him politely to call Heathrow and just have them deliver one of their stock to the Camden branch and explained that that way I cold just pop in and pick it up next week in Camden rather than pay postage costs, entrust ANYTHING to Royal Mail and wait for ages. He reacted as if I'd insulted his family - "Oh no - we can't do that - they operate completely independently from us; differnt warehouses, different accounts, different profits and losses. No way will they send it to us - you'll have to take it up with them". I figure the guy just couldn't be bothered to do the paperwork so I told him not to worry - would he just order me one from the warehouse and call me when it came in. He said "But it could be weeks sir". I said no problems - worth waiting for, lovely piece of kite etc. Just order it for me, happy to wait. Him:"I mean really weeks, sir. Might never come it - we may have sold the last 40GB iPod and not be getting any more in ever. You should really go to Heathorw where they definitely have some. If you like I can give you a credit note". I asked him if this would be for the full RRP or the tax free price I paid. He said the tax free price and again seemed bewildered when I refused. I politely insisted he order one for me from the warehouse which according to the warranty terms was my right. Sure enough after a 15 minute dissappearing act he came back and said "Just spoken to Heathrow and they've said that on this occasion they'll send one out to us here in Camden. Not something they usually do I assure you but the guy owed me a favour etc".

Anyway cut a long story short, it should be here any day, but I'm mighty annoyed at having to spend 30 minutes wrangling with this guy to get what should be a normal standard of service. The fact that he couldn't understand why I didn't want the 20GB one instead is amusing and to his credit he still had the balls to hard sell me a 3 yr warranty ("Only £79 sir for that extra peace of mind") 3 times before giving up and handing me my receipt.

Just felt like a rant...

  jimmylove 20:43 05 May 2004

£339. Bit of a result...

  byfordr 20:52 05 May 2004

The best price I could find online...means I don't have to give my money to those idiots :-)


  davidg_richmond 21:17 05 May 2004

In a similar situation involving an HP PDA my store in Gateshead refunded the customer the airport price as we couldn't rectify the problem by replacing the product (not one we sold). Sorted in 10 mins.

The advisor you spoke to wasn't being very flexible for you and I can understand your frustration!

  g0slp 23:44 05 May 2004

I saw an end-of-line camcorder kit offered at my local Dixons, but when the assistant was boxing everything up he realised that part of the kit was missing, & despite him searching the stockroom it was not to be found. He apologised to me, & asked if I could wait for a few minutes whilst he made some calls. He came back after only 2 or 3 minutes, & told me that he'd located an unopened camcorder kit at a store about 12 miles away. If I could come back in half an hour, they'd have it sent over by taxi.

This was agreed, & it was waiting for me when I went back. Sorted!

  @Home 09:12 06 May 2004

Could be why they are closing 100's of stores nationwide.
Poor customer service and expensive.

I can honestly say I have never bought a thing from dixions. I have been in their stores for a warm on a cold day, but thats about it.

  Stuartli 09:16 06 May 2004

If, as as the manager claimed, his store is completely independent in every way from Heathrow, why was he prepared to change it?

The words "smell" and "rat" come to mind...

However, I've found in the past that Dixons has always been ready and willing to obtain a product from another branch if out of stock and to let me know when it is available.

  Chronos 15:20 06 May 2004

Like @home above i have been in there to get out of the rain, and there is always someone with a bit of equipment that has gone down the kermit, and the usual comment is "oh sorry, the manager is not in to-day" apart from the poor kids who will be kicked out the door, it would be no loss if they shut all the branches..

  MisterPaul 15:56 06 May 2004


  recap 16:22 06 May 2004

Dixons policy used to be too ask at other stores in their area if they had stock of equipment, so that they could give customer satisfaction, the same with PC World etc. After all they are all part of the same group.

  oresome 18:37 06 May 2004

The thing is, if they do close all the shops on the high street, where will we all go whilst the better half's in the clothes shops?

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