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  [DELETED] 11:14 14 Aug 2003

I left a digital camera with Dixons to be repaired when it broke as I had the Cover Plan to cover it.

Six weeks past and i went to the store to ask about the camera. They gave me some lame excuse about it being sent out late but informed me that i could either wait for the camera to arrive or else take vouchers for the price of the camera and buy a new model. I opted for the vouchers as i am sceptical of the quality of refurbished cameras. That was two weeks ago and i am still waiting for the vouchers!

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Dixons?

  [DELETED] 13:24 14 Aug 2003

Complete waste of space. I seem to remember 21 day wait for vouchers.
Remember that they will not refund what you paid for your camera only what you can now buy an equivelant model for.
e.g. if for instance you paid £300 for a 2MP Kodak camera two years ago and the equivelent model is now only £120, you will only get £120 worth of vouchers. Plus a little for the unused remainder of your coverplan.
I speak from experiance with a laptop I had from them a few years. I will never buy from Dixons or Coverplan again.

  [DELETED] 05:49 15 Aug 2003

Dixons gave me some vouchers about 18 months ago, following a claim. They were fine - I certainly didn't wait for two weeks for them - suggest you get on the phone .....remember they can always fax them to the branch from wherever the call-centre is.


The type of cover you refer to is "New for old" and, if the prices have fallen on a product you have bought then why should they pay more than current market value? That to me seems reasonable and morally right.

Insurers cover house insurance as well......given the recent price boom, would it be right for them only to pay out the buying price if your housse burn down? I think not

  [DELETED] 10:27 15 Aug 2003

I agree with yopu to a point. But, the computer I had was an nec versa and I wanted it replaced with an nec not some PC World.
I also have a 28" JVC widescreen tv that I also bought from DSG with coverplan. By the same token if this was to fail coverplan would only need to offer me enough to replace it with a lesser brand.
I paid £500 for a JVC but as Goodmans also offer a 28" widescreen for £280 you think it would be right for them to offer me enough to by this.

  [DELETED] 16:18 15 Aug 2003

I recall that I had my laptop stolen about 5 years ago. I claimed on my Norwich Union policy, and they gave the the original price that I paid.

With this money, I was able to buy a laptop with a much higher spec:, and from wherever I chose.

The same would have been true, if it had been damaged beyond economic repair. Much better than CoverPlan.

  [DELETED] 16:53 15 Aug 2003

I took your advice y_not and phoned earlier. I was told they couldn't fax them to to the store. I also emailed and got a response saying that the claim was being processed and i would have to wait another 7-10 days!!!

What a complete waste of time.

  [DELETED] 18:17 15 Aug 2003

You were very fortunate ! .. and Norwich Union very generous, most get a replacement laptop thro a courier service these days.


  [DELETED] 18:18 15 Aug 2003

I should have said ' on a like for like basis'

  [DELETED] 17:31 16 Aug 2003

and ask to speak to the manager. Tell him that you have waited long enough and want the camera replaced immediately. Vouchers CAN be faxed direct to the store. If it is local to you, tell him you will give him to the following day to resolve the matter. Also, you should ask for an upgrade as compensation. I did something similar with PC World and the manager was most helpful.

  [DELETED] 19:43 19 Aug 2003

dixons seem to have a habit of bad service sold me some ms hardware 4 weeks ago found out it was atleast 3years old.
they said it was end of line forunately paid by cc got refund
when will retailers stop selling old as new?
is there anything that can be done about it

  [DELETED] 14:01 20 Aug 2003

What's all this about faxing vouchers? No retailer is going to accept a copy of a voucher! It's always best to deal with coverplan directly and cut out the stores involvement. You'll get everything done quicker as there's no middleman. Your camera could have been sitting in the store for weeks before it was sent away. People always have the 'I bought it from YOU so YOU have to fix it' attitude, and don't realise that the people who provide the repair service are somewhere completely different.

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