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  picklsey 05:19 11 Oct 2005

i was asked if i could recommend one of the above so as my friend could watch through his tv.i had a look in the shops for him but all i could see were ones that played divx not xvid.i assume he,s looking for a player that will play anything you throw at it.can anyone recommend such a player,or is there such a player.thanks.

  BRYNIT 08:30 11 Oct 2005

Found this information on the Xvid FAQ web page.

· I want to burn my XviD files on DVD and play them on my DVD player - how to do that?

XviD is a MPEG-4 video codec. Regular DVD-players don't play MPEG-4, so if you want to watch files encoded with the XviD codec on a DVD player you have to convert them e.g. to VCD or SVCD first. There are many websites explaining this, go e.g. to click here

· I bought a hardware player that had 'XviD compatible' or similar printed on the box but it doesn't play my XviD files - what's that?

This is a problem we're well aware of, also see our public announcement regarding hardware devices. In the hope for better sales, many DVD player manufacturers simply add a 'XviD compatible' notice or even the XviD logo onto their product package even though the device lacks support for playback of XviD files. So the XviD name or logo on a product box does not automatically mean that the XviD codec is also included in the device.

Of course we have never granted permission to use the XviD name or logo for such false advertisement. The XviD logo and name are protected by copyright and trademark law, nonetheless it's difficult for us to fight all unauthorized usage simply because of the sheer mass of (sometimes rather exotic) devices.

Therefore, before buying any of such devices you should look for information about what the devices are really capable of in order to decide whether they really suit your needs. A good starting point for further information and discussion is the 'hardware players' forum at doom9.org: click here

  picklsey 18:32 11 Oct 2005

thanks for the info will pass it on.thanks again.

  taffyal 12:21 27 Dec 2005


  flyingbrit 14:43 28 Dec 2005

Well I know this is an old thread but I've just bought one of these click here it plays everything I've thrown at it so far. It even recognizes windows files.

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