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Ditching Sky - can I still use Sky+ box?

  compumac 13:32 20 Jan 2016

I have a Samsung TV (with inbuilt Freeview that I have very rarely used) using Sky for my viewing.

I have been with Sky for many years using a Sky + HD box and enjoying HD channels, but now the costs do not justify the programmes that we watch.

If I have a Sky + box, is it possible to ditch Sky completely but still use the facilities/menus within that Sky + box to access Freeview programmes including ITV HD?

Any other recommendations?

  HondaMan 21:45 20 Jan 2016

It should be possible

  tullie 21:51 20 Jan 2016

You can still watch Sky Freesat

  muddypaws 09:21 21 Jan 2016

If you stop paying Sky and use Freesat from Sky then I think you can no longer use the Sky+ box. Try this forum: Digital Spy forums

  Newuser4165 17:08 21 Jan 2016

The Sky box will work like a Freesat tuner but you won't be able to record any programs on to the hard drive.

  compumac 16:19 23 Jan 2016

Now looking at the Humax HDR 1100S Freesat unit. It would seem to do everything that I would want, excepting not being able to access Sky Sports channels. - Unless someone out there knows how to do that?

  simonjary 19:33 27 Jan 2016

Once you cancel your Sky subscription the company is not obliged to provice you with services such as Freeview.

You can continue to watch the terrestrial channels (1 to 5), but in order to watch the other Freeview channels you need to pay Sky a one-off £25 for a new viewing card.

  tullie 20:41 27 Jan 2016

I watch Sky Freesat and have done so for twelve months using the card that I used when I had an account.

  compumac 21:54 27 Jan 2016


I have today cancelled my Sky and will replace it with a Humax Freesat unit.

No more monthly outgoings to Sky................. What a lovely feeling.

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