Ditch I river and Buy Ipod Photo 60gb?

  Wirral Bagpuss 22:50 18 Jul 2005

I have had my iriver h340 mp3 player since last summer. However i am sorely tempted by the ipod photo 60gb mp3 player. Had a play with one today and i was so very nearly unleashing my credit card !!!!
I am not sure if i would be making the right decision to dump i river and join the ipod revolution. It seems to me there is alot more accessories and support for the ipod than there is for the iriver. So can anyone advise me as to whether i should buy the ipod photo 60gb or not?

  Forum Editor 23:12 18 Jul 2005

as if you've really made up your mind anyway, and all you want is someone to help you over the credit-card hurdle.

I think we all know that feeling, so yes, I believe you should buy that iPod tomorrow, if not sooner.

You can send me the iRiver as a reward for being so helpful - I'm not proud.

  TomJerry 23:55 18 Jul 2005

major omission in ipod photo design

it should have a build-in memory card reader slot to copy photo directly from camera memory card such as SD card

  Kate B 18:04 19 Jul 2005

I've got a 60GB photo iPod and it's fantastic. Lots of fab accessories - and if you want to get pictures from a digital camera on to it get this doohickey:
click here

  Forum Editor 18:58 19 Jul 2005

is to a session url, so you'll get a timeout error. You should find what you need if you
click here and browse.

  Kate B 15:54 20 Jul 2005

whoops, sorry - thanks, FE.

  bfoc 00:52 21 Jul 2005

You want to know which cameras are compatible with the Apple camera connector click here

I too am mighty tempted by these new iPods - so there may be two winging their way to the Wirral!

By the way the Apple Store is doing them at a reasonable price and with free delivery and free etching. If you are a student they are even cheaper!

  originalmiscellany 07:53 22 Jul 2005

in that if you're a teacher/educator/student, you get 10% off as long as you show them you work for an educational establishment. It's not quite the same as the dirt cheap software MS offer, but 10% is 10%, especially as prices are pretty constant...

  Wirral Bagpuss 02:07 23 Jul 2005

oooh ! I have the Nikon D70 as well !!! That's torn it !!! Am gonna have to get this now...

  simonali 11:09 23 Jul 2005

Only one thing you have to watch and that's that the 60GB one is a little thicker than all the others and doesn't fit in some cradles etc.

  BigMan24 12:39 23 Jul 2005

Hi there,

I am also thinking of buying an iPod 60GB Photo. I heard someone mention that i could get a student discount, but i couldnt find anything talking about a student discount on the website.

Please could someone tell me how to get this student discount?


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