A dissapointing experience with Ebuyer

  FatboySlim71 09:52 01 Nov 2008

Now I want to point out before I go any further that I am not writing this to have a dig at Ebuyer, I am simply giving my experience of what happened to me.

I would also like to here others opinions on whether you think I should have been given a new mouse/repaired by Ebuyer or whether you think Ebuyer were right to send me the mouse back.

I purchased a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 from Ebuyer approximately 6 weeks.

When you charge the mouse up, you are supposed to see a green light appear (flicker) on top of the mouse, when charging is complete the green light is supposed to remain lit.

The first time I charged the mouse up all was well, the green light appeared (flickered) on the top the mouse and the mouse was fully charged after around 4 hours.

The second time I went to charge the mouse up, the green light appeared (flickered) has before but after 10 minutes or so the green light changed to red and flashed, from what I could gather on looking on the Internet, this was indicative of a charging fault. At this point I tried using some other rechargeable batteries that I had which were the same milliampere as the ones supplied with the mouse, but this made no difference. So I got in touch with Ebuyer who arranged a free pickup and the mouse was returned back.

I got an email off of Ebuyer after a technician had looked at the mouse to tell me,

"Following extensive tests by our Returns Technicians, we have been unable to locate the fault you reported. The goods will be returned with no further action."

So I then telephoned Ebuyer, the customer service agent put me on hold and spoke to the technical support, after she had spoken to technical support, she explained to me that the technical support guy had saw the red light issue, but their argument was that they were still able to use the mouse after seeing the red light.

Now I only went to charge the mouse once I had saw the low battery pop up coming from the Intellipoint software, with any low battery warning you always have a bit of power in reserve, so this was the reason the technician
was able to continue using the mouse, if I had run the mouse to the point where the mouse would no longer work because the batteries were completely exhausted, then the mouse would have only charged up for 10 minutes or so, basically until the red light appeared and then no further power would have got put in the battery.

Obviously even with 10 minutes charge the batteries would have still had a little bit of power put back in them, this would have been enough for maybe a few hours or maybe a days usage? and the mouse would have still worked in that situation albeit for not very long, but clearly the red flashing light should not be happening.

I can see it from Ebuyer's point of view that the mouse still worked once the red light appeared but my argument was regarding the red flashing light, clearly a red light of any sort is a warning of something. Has we all know red or a red light is always a warning of something or it is to indicate a problem, but still they were adamant that the mouse would be returned.

Once I received the mouse back I telephoned Microsoft and explained the problem I was having with the mouse, they immediately acknowledged that this was a fault, they then sent me an email for to fill in my details, Microsoft's customer service agent told me that once they received this email back they would then process sending me out a replacement. I just could not understand why Ebuyer could not have done this.

  spuds 11:06 01 Nov 2008

On a personal note, the way that I would deal with this for a 'peace of mind' situation, would be to contact Ebuyer and tell them about Microsoft and their decision.You could perhaps express that they review their testing procedures, as a way forward for better customer relations and in-house procedures. Or you could pass on your comments direct to Ebuyer's Amando Sanchez (Operations Director) by telephoning 01430 433616.

At least Ebuyer made arrangements for collection, testing and returning that item at no expense to you, when other retailers made have required rather high payment, with possible arguments to follow.

  curofone 11:09 01 Nov 2008

If the mouse is faulty and Microsoft even acknowledged that the mouse was not operating properly than ebuyer really did not have a leg to stand on this one and should have sent you a replacement mouse.

What I would say is that I am dam impressed with Microsoft customer services on this one as I normally hear nothing but bad things about them. It is not their responsibility so send you a replacement mouse as your contract is with the retailer and not the manufacturer. Every time I have heard of someone ringing up Microsoft’s customer support they just tell you to talk to the retailer the item was brought from.

  FatboySlim71 12:44 01 Nov 2008

I did email Ebuyer notifying them of the fact that Microsoft had acknowledged the fault and the reply is at the bottom of this post. I agree, it was good of Ebuyer to arrange pickup of the mouse and ship it back FOC.

I too was impressed with the level of service from Microsoft, what you mention about "talking to the retailer" that was the response I expected to get from Microsoft, but credit where credits due, faultless service from Microsoft on this one. I will add that Microsoft didn't even want to check the mouse for themselves, they basically just based their decision for the replacement on what I had described to them over the phone.

Here's the response from Ebuyer when I said Microsoft had acknowledged the fault:

"Thank you for your response.

I would firstly like to offer our most humble apologies for the annoyance
and frustration which this matter has caused.

All customer feedback is greatly valued within Ebuyer as this is essential
in the continuation of our company as we progress forward. As such the
feedback you have raised regarding our service has been forward onto the
relevant department

Kind Regards,


Ebuyer Customer Support Team

  100andthirty 14:54 01 Nov 2008

I think the eBuyer response recognises that everyone can make a mistake. When one is made, it's the manner in which it's acknowledged and hopefully put right that makes the good suppliers stand out from the bad.

Also, as it's important an important factor customer politely pointing out the issue and giving honest feedback is good - as in the case of fatboyslim71's reports. Makes a difference from some of the rants that go on between suppliers and customers

  FatboySlim71 22:55 01 Nov 2008

I forgot to add on the first post of this topic, that I re-contacted Ebuyer after they had emailed me to say the mouse would be returned to me and after the telephone call I had made to them, that they did send me this reply,

Thank you for your contact with our Customer Support Team.

To look into reopening the original RMA and you sending goods back for re-test,please contact our technical support team on 0871 528 5191 who will be able to review your request fully.

Our opening times are 9am - 7pm Monday to Friday

Kind Regards,


Ebuyer Customer Support Team

But I just didn't fancy sending the mouse back again as it sounds like I would have to pay to return the item this time and also there would be no guarantee that the mouse would not be returned to me a second time, and also I was a little bit sickened with the last experience, I'm sure you can see where I am coming from. So thats when I thought about getting in touch with Microsoft to see if I could get any joy from them.

I just wanted to mention all the details and everything that was said as I am not having a dig at Ebuyer, I am just wanting to give my experience in has truthful of manner as I can.

  oresome 14:42 02 Nov 2008

If a mouse can't be confirmed as faulty, despite the technician having seen that the device didn't operate as described in the instructions, it makes you wonder what chance you would have with anything complicated.

  FatboySlim71 15:12 08 Nov 2008

I yesterday received a full boxed up mouse with charger, battery, receiver, software disc basically the identical item to what you would get by purchasing it new from a shop, which I was not expecting, I was instead expecting them to just ship me a mouse. Credit where credits due, excellent service from Microsoft throughout.

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